If you are fascinated by the world of media from the news to social media and everything in-between, consider studying Communication and Media Studies.

A media studies degree takes a look at the way media (including print, film, television and digital media) influences our society. When you consider the role media plays in our daily lives, especially new media through social media influencers and the advent of ‘fake news’, you will understand why Communication and Media studies is a very topical and interesting subject.

Media studies students will examine effective communication in interpersonal, organisational, corporate and intercultural contexts.

Why study Communication and Media Studies?

A degree in Communication and Media Studies will offer you great insight into the way we react to media events, and how media can influence and reflect people and brands.

Media and Communication study areas examine topics like corporate communication, new media and public relations.

Media studies graduates generally find work in the media and creative industries. They could work in television, radio, film or digital media. Some pursue careers in journalism, advertising and publishing. A media and communication degree will prepare you for careers such as a media planner, multimedia specialist, film producer or PR specialist. As new media continues to grow, many new career opportunities are arising for communication and media experts, including social media planners, marketers and managers.

Where to study in Communication and Media Studies in South Africa

IIE MSA is a brand of The Independent Institute of Education, a leader in the higher education sphere. Communication and Media Studies is offered as a study area in a IIE Bachelor of Social Science degree offered at IIE MSA.

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