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IIE MSA is a higher education institution of the future! We offer quality education with a curricular that is unique and industry aligned with a global context! We strive to be constantly adaptable to the needs of the millennial generation in terms of employability, internationality and student experience.We are an institution that is deeply rooted in Africa. With our 18-year legacy we have established ourselves as a truly African brand, a true provider of quality education and a leader in private higher education with proven record of academic excellence.

Since April 2019 we are part of The Independent Institution of Education (The IIE), ADvTECH’s Higher Education subsidiary. The IIE is a leader in the higher education sphere and is committed to ensuring educational excellence and quality learning experiences through our network of institutions and campuses. The IIE is internationally recognised by the British Accreditation Council. Find out why you should choose IIE MSA now.

We pride ourselves as providers of quality education, from Foundation Programmes to Masters programmes and a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate study options, including degrees and postgraduate diplomas offered at IIE MSA. Academic study takes on a whole new meaning at IIE MSA with tutorial groups, personal attention, robust research and strong links with industry. We provide a student experience that is well-rounded, by being both academically and socially fulfilling.

Our research aligns with the research agendas of South Africa and the African continent. We are global in scope, but firmly rooted in our country and it is particularly our water research that has impacted regional and national policy and awareness on the importance of clean, potable water for all South Africans.

Studying with IIE MSA will ensure that you receive a unique combination of global and local knowledge that will prepare you for your future career. Our innovative teaching and learning methods will prepare you for the job market, making you highly employable.

If you are committed to your future and to pursue an internationally relevant qualification – look no further. IIE MSA is a shining example of a world class tertiary education that is both locally and globally recognised, and relevant.