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Communication and Media Studies

Why Study Communication and Media Studies?

Communication is at the heart of being human. Without it, we cannot connect with others and have lasting relationships. Communication is also central to effective collaboration in the workplace. It is needed to convey and understand instructions, to solve conflict (even if most conflict is caused by poor communication!) and to exchange important messages between the organisation and its stakeholders. At IIE MSA, we also explore how the cyber cultures of the 21st century mass media influence the way we live and work.

To study Communication and Media Studies you can enrol for the IIE Bachelor of Social Science degree with a study area in Communication and Media Studies, offered at IIE MSA.

Following completion of your three-year Bachelor’s degree, you can articulate into the IIE Bachelor of Social Science (Honours), and subsequently, a research IIE Master of Philosophy, both with specialisation in Communication and Media Studies.

What are My My Communication and Media Studies Career Outcomes?

Completing your IIE Bachelor of Social Science at IIE MSA, with a specialisation in Sociology, will help you build a successful career in the following career opportunities:

  • Digital (social media) Communication
  • Internal Corporate Communication (with the organisation’s employees)
  • External Corporate Communication (with the organisation’s external stakeholders)
  • Media Monitoring
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Development communication as part of community development
  • Strategic Events Management
  • Journalism
  • Media Analysis