IIE MSA’s vision of contributing to the development of societies and enabling students to achieve their full potential, has ensured that over its two-decades of educational excellence, the campus has created an innovative educational environment that ensures an optimal learning experience.

Technological advancements are affecting the way the world is operating at a rapid rate. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is causing the operating environment for organisations of all sizes and within every industry to evolve.

Educational institutions play a pivotal role in preparing the 4IR workforce to succeed in their digitally empowered workplaces and consequently need to evolve their approach to education 4.0 to ensure that South Africa’s labour market can capitalise on and make the most of the opportunities afforded by 4IR.

Tertiary educational institutions themselves are not immune to this wave of change and technological transformation, as they have to utilise modern technology to enable students to learn faster. IIE MSA have incorporated 21sts Century learning methods into the way that our students learn. This is done through project-based learning, as well as methods like SCALE-UP, hackathons and case studies for instance, whereby students collaborate within diverse groups and learn to apply their knowledge in an exercise setting that transmits skills like public speaking, cross-cultural collaboration, leadership, and problem solving. Students at IIE MSA, as tertiary-level students, are expected to accept responsibility for their own learning path. This approach is supported by a teaching and learning focus which facilitates effective mastering of both theory and application of knowledge. This prepares students for the world of work and enhances their employability and ability to contribute to society as innovative, socially responsible citizens. By providing students with the ability to learn remotely as well, through the application of technology platforms, IIE MSA affords students the opportunity to become autonomous and accountable, which will serve them well in the gig economy.


André Lubbe

Campus Head IIE MSA

For on-campus learning, small classes and effective small group learning allow students to actively participate in the academic process and optimize their development. Direct access to academic and support staff ensures that the individual learning and support needs of all students are met, ensuring higher pass rates and on-time programme completion.

Our academic and support staff focus on ensuring quality service, hands-on support and immersive learning experiences through engagement with industry and professional bodies, and experiential learning.

The importance of extra-curricular activities as part of the development of students as well-rounded citizens is obvious on our Ruimsig campus. To achieve this, active community engagement and volunteer opportunities are integrated into student life. Through these initiatives, students deepen their understanding and appreciation for the diversity of their fellow students and of their surrounding communities. They simultaneously develop excellent managerial skills contributing to their readiness to join society and the modern workplace.

As an institution that is immensely proud of its former and current students, our success record, we will continue to play a meaningful role in the development of our students and the communities wherein they will serve. We accept the role as innovative partner to industry, society and government, that is charged with the responsibility to equip graduates with the knowledge and skills they require to be successful in the 4IR workplace.

André Lubbe
Campus Head