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Counselling Services

If you ever need someone to talk to in confidence, the psychologists at our Wellness Centre are there to listen and counsel on a short-term basis and can provide confidential, individual and group counselling.

Many of our students seek counselling for a number of concerns, including:
  • Adjustment to tertiary education studies
  • Alcohol or drug problems
  • Academic challenges
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Eating concerns
  • Family concerns
  • Friend/roommate difficulties
  • Grief/loss
  • Relationship concerns
  • Self-esteem
  • Sexual and relationship violence
  • Sexual orientation or identity concerns
  • Stress management

Our development programmes

We also offer educational and support programmes on request to students and staff. These include:

Life skills

Time management, stress management, budgeting and finance skills, and communication and conflict resolution management.

Health education

Drug and alcohol use and abuse, mental health, equality, men’s health, and peer education training.


Adherence therapy, ongoing support, counselling, peer education training, staff training, awareness therapy, residence assistance, prevention, professional referral, and information about coping with and living with HIV/AIDS.

Visit us

Counselling services are available Monday to Friday from 8:00 – 16:00. Appointments can be made by calling us or by visiting the Wellness Centre in person. The Wellness Centre is situated at the back of Building F, next to Seminar Room 11.

Emergency Support

In an emergency, there is always someone to talk to. If you are in need of assistance after hours or prefer to consult with someone off campus, please contact one of the providers below

  • Lifeline National Crisis 0861 322 322
  • Stop Gender Based Violence Helpline 0800 150 150
  • AIDS Helpline 0800 012 322
  • Police 011 795 1960 / 10111
  • Ambulance 10177 / 082 911
  • Fire Department 1022
  • Traffic Department 1022