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A safe community

At IIE MSA we make absolutely sure that you study, play and live in a safe and secure environment.

Our on-campus security is truly state-of-the art. We protect you and our campus staff with the use of 24-hour patrolling campus security, a secure electric perimeter fence and controlled, single-entry access to campus which is monitored with CCTV cameras.

Access across campus is controlled with security access cards. These cards not only control access to the campus, they also control entrance to the residences and homes for students living on campus.

Whether you come to IIE MSA to study, work, live at or visit, our Campus Protection Services are on hand to ensure your safety.

Occupational health, safety and the environment

We create and promote a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly experience for students, employees, contractors and visitors.

Alcohol and Drugs

All students are prohibited from possessing or consuming alcohol in public or common areas on campus. These include the library, lecture halls, computer rooms, sports fields, lounges and hallways. As a student you are also prohibited from bringing alcohol onto the campus or into the residences.

In line with Operational Health and Safety (OHS) Legislation, the use of drugs and alcohol on campus during working hours and at any other time is prohibited.

Environmental policy

As a global leader subscribe to environmental global best practices. We monitor and respond to environmental legislation and standards and actively encourage, facilitate and coordinate environmentally oriented teaching, research, consultancy and community work.

Firearms and dangerous weapons

Firearms, fireworks, explosives or weapons of any kind (including replicas) are prohibited on campus and in residence halls, environmentally oriented teaching, research, consultancy and community work.

First Aid

To meet Operational Health, Safety and Environmental (OHSE) guidelines, we promote injury prevention, and provide first aid, emergency treatment and basic life support on campus.


In adherence to South African law, smoking is banned in all buildings, including residential accommodation and in all IIE MSA vehicles. In some cases smoking is not allowed within 10m of building entrances, particularly where smoke might be drawn into the building.

Contact us

The safety and security of the IIE MSA campus is a shared responsibility. If you have any security related concerns or inquiries, or would like to know what you can do to help keep our community safe, please talk to the IIE MSA security staff, or contact Campus Protection Services.

  • Campus Protection Services 333 / +27 11 950 4099 / +27 11 950 4140
  • Safety & Security Manager Campus Protection Services +27 60 570 7562

Emergency contact numbers

In an emergency please contact the following services directly.

  • South African Police Service (General number) 10111
  • South African Police Service (Honeydew branch) +27 11 801 8614/5
  • Ambulance / Fire department 10177 / +27 11 375 5911
  • Traffic department 10177
  • Rape Crisis Centre +27 86 132 2322 / +27 11 801 8614/5