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Mission, Vision, Values & Beliefs

Our Vision

To positively impact lives through higher education in Africa and the world.

Our Mission

IIE MSA provides innovative and exceptional learning experiences to students in a way that ensures intellectual engagement and critical thinking. Our students are empowered to maximise their potential and equipped to meet real needs to advance the development of society.

Our Values

  • STUDENT-CENTRICITY We believe our students are at the heart of everything we do.
  • QUALITY We create a relevant and conducive learning environment and ensure a quality overall student experience.
  • ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT We actively encourage our students and staff to embrace creativity and innovation in order to develop their full potential.
  • INSPIRATION We strive to inspire our students and staff and seize the opportunity to be inspired by them.
  • INTEGRITY We hold honesty and the highest ethical standards as essential components of our organisation.

Our Beliefs

  • Students deserve access to meaningful education options.
  • When our students succeed, countries prosper and societies benefit.
  • Linking with the workplace throughout the education process is essential to deliver career-ready graduates.