We are a campus that is deeply rooted in Africa. With our 20-year legacy we pride ourselves for quality education, from IIE Higher Certificate to IIE Masters programmes and a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate study options, including degrees and postgraduate diplomas.

Since April 2019 the campus has been fully owned and operated by The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), ADvTECH’s higher education subsidiary and a leader in the higher education sphere. The IIE is internationally recognised by the British Accreditation council.

Our students have access to a vast international network of research and learning through our partnerships. We are proud of our many successful partnerships, as we move forward with them to provide further benefits to our students.

  • Educate (Zimbabwe)
  • Ducerne
  • Spelling Bee
  • Fundi
  • ACCA
  • Hubble Studios
  • The Ducere Foundation
  • The Africa Spelling Bee (Through Spell It)
  • The Department of Basic Education, National Spelling Bee (Through Spell It)
  • Teach SA

As of 31 July, 2022, The IIE is a proud member of the South African Business Schools Association (SABSA). This exciting partnership aligns our values of commitment towards delivering innovative and exceptional learning experiences and our vision to positively impact lives through higher education in Africa and the world with SABSA’s shared focus on integrity, ethics and the need to cultivate a sustainable environment of excellence in all endeavours.