If you love computers, technology and working out how things work, you may be interested in a career in Information Technology.

Information Technology plays a role in every business from large multi-national corporations to small one-man startups. Information Technology has implications for business communication, data management, customer relationship management and inventory management.

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What is information technology?

Information Technology or IT is a broad term that incorporates all computer-based technologies.

Every business in South Africa has an Information Technology component. Financial, medical, educational and industrial businesses all have IT systems, and a career in IT has grown significantly in the past decade or so.

IT professionals design, develop, and manage computer software and hardware, and the information networks within a business.

Within the IT sphere, there are a vast array of information technology jobs available. From data analysis to software developers and network architects, there are many job opportunities for IT professionals.

Where to study information technology in South Africa?

IIE MSA is a brand of The Independent Institute of Education, a leader in the higher education sphere, offering an array of IIE undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, including the IIE Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences in Application Development. An Information Technology degree will prepare you for a range of career options.

Information technology career opportunities

If you are considering pursuing information technology as a career, you’ll have a wide range of career opportunities to choose from.

IT professionals are needed in major organisations to develop software, build systems, manage hardware and software, create networks, monitor security, administer databases and much more. In fact, IT professionals are involved in almost every area of the business from marketing and customer relations, to warehousing and distribution.