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Information Technology

Why Study Information Technology?

Information Technology (IT) underlies every business, financial, medical, engineering, educational, sales, marketing and the sporting environment. It is core upon which industry runs. With IIE MSA, the IT study area gives you the opportunity to shape your interest in the IT field and to work towards a diversified career.

The study area ranges from non-technical areas, such as organisational needs, to hardware, software, network and multimedia technologies. You will also learn the development and management skills needed to create and implement computer-based systems.

Studying IT with IIE MSA will prepare you with valuable skills such as advanced programming, software engineering and information and network security, so that you can be armed with tools for success in your chosen career.

To study at IIE MSA, you can enrol for an IIE Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences within either of these focus areas:

  1. Business Systems
  2. Applications Development and Networks

Enhance your IT degree by enrolling in the IIE Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences Honours year. It is ideal for students with intentions of international employment. This year of study appears to be a most beneficial asset in many European, American, and Canadian markets.

What are My Information Technology Career Outcomes?

Completing your IT journey with IIE MSA will help you to build a successful IT career in your desired area. There are many opportunities, including:

  • IT Support,
  • Networking,
  • Security,
  • Software Design and Development,
  • Mobile Systems,
  • Business Systems,
  • Database Administration