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Ms Marlene Bogaards

Head of School: Commerce


Tel: +27 11 950 4254

  • BCom (cum laude), North-West University.
  • BCom Honours Entrepreneurship and Marketing (cum laude), North-West University.
  • MCom Marketing Management (cum laude), North-West University.

Marlene has been a lecturer in Business Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship at the North-West University.  She has also taught Marketing and Retail Business Management at the University of Johannesburg for both undergraduate and post-graduate students.  She has moreover coordinated the BCom and BCom honours programmes at the University of Johannesburg.  Marlene has been part of the development of numerous study materials and has lecturer Retail Business Management for industry partners such as Pick n Pay and Massmart.

Teaching Commitments

Marlene currently lecturers Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Planning and Implementation to undergraduate students at Monash, South Africa.

  • 2013-2015 – Received a full PhD bursary from the Wholesale and Retail SETA.
  • 2010 – Received an award for being an exceptional first year lecturer from the Faculty of Management at the University of Johannesburg.
  • 2008 – 2009 – Received a Masters bursary from the National Research Foundation (NRF).
  • Golden Key Society member during undergraduate studies.
Research Interests
All current research conducted
  • Marlene has completed her MCom studies with distinction at the North-West University.  The study focused on the social networking practices of Gauteng businesswomen.
  • During the period of 2010 to 2014, Marlene was part of a research study entitled “Relationship Quality between buyers and suppliers amongst the top 500 companies in South Africa” during the period of 2010 to 2014 of which numerous articles were published.
  • Marlene is currently completing her PhD studies entitled “The influence of seeking opinion leadership on the purchasing intention of black township consumers”.
Further Research interests
  • Marlene’s research interests consist of the research fields of Consumer Behaviour and Integrated Marketing Communications.
Peer-reviewed Publications
  • Mpinganjira, M., Bogaards, M., Svensson, G. and Mysen, T.  META-RELQUAL construct validation: A South African study.  Accepted in 2014 for publication in African Journal of Economic and Management Studies.
  • Mpinganjira, M., Bogaards, M., Svensson, G., Mysen, T.  (2014).  Satisfaction in Business Relationships: Precursors and outcomes.  Management Dynamics, 23(2):2-13.
  • Mpinganjira, M., Bogaards, M., Svensson, G., Mysen, T. and Padin, C. (2013).  Satisfaction in Relation to the Metrics of Quality constructs in South African manufacturer-supplier relationship.  Esic Market Economic and Business Journal, 44(1):55-71.
  • Bogaards, M., De Klerk, S. & Mostert, K.  (2012).  Business socialising: women’s social networking. African Journal of Business Management, 6(30):8822-8836.
  • Bogaards, M., Mpinganjira, M., Svensson, G. and Mysen, T. (2012).  A framework of conscientious corporate brand – a South African validation. Corporate Governance, 12(5): 675 – 685.
  • Bogaards, M., De Klerk, S. & Mostert, K.  (2011).  The networking practices of businesswomen.  Acta Commercii, 11 (1):58-74.
International Conference Presentations
  • Marlene has presented a work-in-progress article at the International Conference on Retailing and Services Science in 2012 entitled “Investigating Generation Y township consumers in South Africa’s attitudes toward advertising of chicken fast food products and their subsequent purchasing intentions.”
National Conference Presentations
  • Marlene has presented a competitive paper at the SAIMS conference in 2011 entitled “The role of opinion leaders in promoting brands in black townships: an exploratory study.”
Other Professional Activities
  • Marlene has supervised the following honours projects:
    • “Comparing the perceived benefits of online shopping amongst online shoppers and those who do not shop online.”
    • Comparing the perceived risks of online shopping amongst online shoppers and those who do not shop online.”
    • Investigating demographic and patronage differences with regards to the spreading of word-of-mouth in the cellp hone industry.”
  • Marlene was the co-supervisor of a MCom modular study entitled: “The awareness and perceptions of consumers pertaining to the online social networking activities of selected non-profit organisaitons.”
  • Marlene is currently supervising two honours projects.
  • Marlene has presented at numerous workshops/seminars/conferences, including:
  • Marketing to the black township consumer market – University of Johannesburg (MCom students)
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