Dr Jackie Witthuhn

Programme Manager: Health


Dr Witthuhn joined IIE MSA (former Monash South Africa) in 2011 after managing a health promotion consultancy for 10 years, where she focused on the training of doctors and nurses at both private and public hospitals in Gauteng and Limpopo Provinces. She was also appointed to do policy development for the National Department of Health and was involved in several other health projects in collaboration with WITS University and University of Johannesburg. Dr Witthuhn worked at a Director’s level for Gauteng Health Department and has over 32 years of work experience in the health, teaching and training industry. Apart from other professional activities and fulfilling the Programme Manager role, Dr Witthuhn is also the Head of Programme for the IIE Central Academic Team for Public Health. Dr Witthuhn is a Senate member of the IIE, the IIE Teaching and Learning Committee and a member of the Faculty Board for Engineering, Science and Health.

  • Doctor of Education (curriculum studies): Thesis: Internationalisation and Africanisation of the Master of Public Health Curriculum in South Africa
  • Master of Education (obtained with distinction) – specialisation in environmental health promotion education
  • Bachelor of Education
Research Interests

Dr Witthuhn’s research interest lies in curriculum transformation, contextualisation and Africanisation of the (public health) curriculum. Dr Witthuhn has published several peer-reviewed articles as well as a chapter on decolonisation and Africanisation of the Master of Public Health curriculum. She was a Member of the Monash/Oxfam NHI research project which resulted in several research reports, conference presentations and publications. She serves as an external reviewer for the Postgraduate Diploma for the University of Pretoria as well as for the African Journal of Health Professions Education for the Master of Public Health programmes. Other research interests include teaching, learning and assessment, curriculum studies, public health (general), health promotion, health systems management, planning, monitoring and evaluation of public health programmes.

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