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Dr Jackie Witthuhn

Programme Manager: Health


Dr Jackie Witthuhn is a Senior Lecturer and the Programme Leader for all the Public Health Programmes in the Faculty of Social and Health Sciences at Monash South Africa, including the undergraduate, honours and postgraduate public health programmes. She joined MSA in 2011 after managing a health promotion consultancy for 10 years, where she focused on the training of doctors and nurses at hospitals in Gauteng and Limpopo Provinces. She was also appointed to develop a policy for the National Department of Health. In addition, Dr Witthuhn worked at director’s level for the Gauteng Health Department and has over 25 years of working experience in the health field.

Dr Jackie Witthuhn is passionate about facilitating the teaching and learning experience of the diverse cohort of students at MSA, as well as preparing staff and students to function effectively as responsible global and local citizens. Due to her extensive work experience, she is able to share real-life experiences with her staff and students. Dr Witthuhn facilitated the development of several institutional developments and frameworks on campus, including the MSA Contextualisation framework.

Apart from many other professional activities, Dr Witthuhn is currently coordinating the new Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health commencing on 14 July 2018. She serves as a member on several committees including the MSA teaching and learning advisory committees. Dr Witthuhn’s research interest lies in curriculum transformation and Africanisation of the public health curriculum and she was appointed as a curriculum expert on the MSA curriculum committee. Dr Witthuhn has published several peer-reviewed articles including a chapter on decolonisation and Africanisation of the Master of Public Health curriculum. The topic of her Doctoral thesis (completed in Feb 2016) is titled: Internationalisation and Africanisation of the Master of Public Health curriculum in South Africa.

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