Water shortages, droughts and water-shedding have recently brought water management issues to the fore. In a water-scarce country like South Africa, much work needs to be done to ensure the stability of our water resources.

Water is a vital necessity for any city. Historians have postulated that failures of water administration were one of the reasons for the collapse of many earlier civilisations. South Africa needs the skills of many individuals dedicated to making the most of our scarce water resources.

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What is Water Management Studies?

Water Management Studies concerns the study of sustainable water resources. Studying a post-graduate diploma in water management will help equip graduates for a career dealing with managing water resources. The importance of water management becomes very clear when you consider what would happen if a city or area ran out of water.

Water resource managers should have a range of skills in a variety of fields. They need to understand parts of engineering, climate, urban planning, and natural resource management. They need to work across many disciplines to manage demand and planning of water resources.

Where to study Water Management in South Africa?

IIE MSA is one of South Africa’s leading educational institutions, offering an array of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

The IIE Postgraduate Diploma in Water Management (PGDip in Water Management) and IIE Master of Philosophy in Integrated Water Management will enable professionals to understand complex water challenges and to develop interdisciplinary and practical solutions to water and sanitation problems.

Who should study water management in South Africa?

The IIE Postgraduate Diploma in Water Management is designed for water professionals in South Africa and the broader Southern African region who are already working in lower to middle-level management positions and those who are working in related technical fields such as river basin management, groundwater management, water supply and sanitation, water resource planning, water resource economics and water treatment.

Topics covered include Project Management for Water Managers, Collaborative Water Planning, Urban Water Design, Water and Sanitation, Catchment and Aquatic Ecosystem Health, GIS and Water Resources Mapping, Community Water Development and Climate Change and Water Resources.

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