While medicine looks at how we can cure disease and fix injuries, public health focuses on what can be done to improve health and prevent the spread of disease and injury.

By pursuing a career in public health, you could make a real difference in the world, as you will help to improve people’s lives.

People working in public health are often involved in current global health concerns like AIDS, Ebola and malnutrition. Public health workers are also involved in promoting healthy lifestyles and helping to research and detect infectious diseases outbreaks. Another part of public health is ensuring that the food and water we eat, and drink is safe, and that safety standards are set for the roads we drive on and cities we live in.

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What is Public Health?

Public health is an interdisciplinary subject that looks at how populations around the world can improve their health and reduce their risk of injury.

Those who choose to pursue a career in public health could find themselves making a genuine and lasting positive effect on people’s lives. Public health workers are involved in vaccination programs which save countless children’s lives. Others work with vehicle safety laws, saving lives on the road. Some help to improving water safety standards, or put measures in place to reduce air pollution, or work on improving children’s nutrition, all of which have a positive impact on the community. Public health programmes have helped to increase life expectancies and reduce infant mortality around the world.

An undergraduate degree in public health provides a pathway to certain postgraduate (pre-med) clinical programmes, for example medicine, social work, nursing and allied health; as well as to honours and postgraduate studies in public health.

Public Health jobs

A public health degree can prepare you for a job in many fields. Some public health professionals work as healthcare administrators in clinics and hospitals. Some work for NGOs as public health project managers. Governments and construction companies employ health and safety engineers. Local and national health departments employ public health professionals as epidemiologists and research analysists. You may also find work as a health promoter, public health researcher or public health policy analysis.

Where to study Public Health in South Africa?

IIE MSA is a brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), a leader in the higher education sphere, offering an array of IIE undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

You can study a range of public health programmes at IIE MSA, such as the IIE Bachelor of Public Health, as well as the IIE Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health and an IIE Bachelor of Public Health (Honours). IIE MSA graduates are eligible to join the Public Health Association of South Africa (PHASA).

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