Political Studies looks at power within a society. Who has power, how are they using it, who wants power, and what will they do to get it.

By studying political science, you will gain insight into how government institutions work, and how the power relationship works between people and the state. You will learn how governments operate and interact with each other, and the impact policies and laws will have on a country’s stability and economic growth.

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Who should study Political Studies?

South Africa has a rich and fascinating political history. By studying Political Studies in South Africa, you will get a glimpse into the past, present and future of South Africa’s political landscape. Political Studies courses cover different political ideologies and the fundamentals of both political science and international relations.

If you have always been interested in politics, you will enjoy studying this subject so that you can possibly pursue a career in government and politics.

Potential careers for Political Science include lobbyists, political campaign managers, political consultants or political commentator. You could choose to work for an NGO and make a difference in the country, or even become a leading political candidate and run for a position in government.

Where to study Political Studies in South Africa

IIE MSA is a brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), a leader in the higher education sphere. Political Studies is offered as a study area in the IIE Bachelor of Social Science degree offered at IIE MSA.

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