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What is Corporate Governance

If you wish to enhance your skill set in organisational leadership and be able to bring a deep level of understanding and expertise to any business’ sustainability strategy and economic growth, we recommend you consider studying the IIE Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Governance (IIE PGDip Corporate Governance).

At IIE MSA, we offer a two-year full-time or three-year part-time IIE Postgraduate Diploma in this exciting area of specialisation, aimed at individuals who currently occupy senior management and board director level occupations.

Why is this subject important? Why is it such a critical skill to acquire? Allow us to take you through a journey on what corporate governance in South Africa is and why it is such an essential skill.

What is Corporate Governance in South Africa?

Governance can be described as the way things are controlled and operated. When it comes to what corporate governance means, this concept is best described as the way in which the processes, strategies and mechanisms of a company or corporation is managed, and managed well. It also pertains to the roles and responsibilities of different people within an organisation from board members to creditors and various other stakeholders.

In the South African context, understanding the meaning of corporate governance becomes especially relevant in relation to the relationships between corporations, unions, their stakeholders and the societies in which they function – both in the public and private sector.

When studying with IIE MSA in this area of speciality, there is a strong focus on internal corporate governance and internal corporate governance mechanisms, as these mechanisms are used by shareholders to mitigate the conflict between managers and shareholders such that firm value is maximized.

Why should I specialise in Corporate Governance?

If you wish to enhance your already skilled understanding of business acumen, as well as extend your knowledge base to be able to better comprehend, critically evaluate and interpret the workings of doing business in Africa and internationally, then studying the intricate inner workings of a corporate governance framework would be of particular benefit to you.

There are a multitude of career opportunities in this field of organisational leadership, including being able to take on managerial and senior management roles in corporate, legal and compliance. It would also open doors in the risk advisory and internal control areas of business.

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What are the entry requirements for a IIE PGDip Corporate Governance offered at IIE MSA?

In order to study an executive IIE Postgraduate Diploma such as this, offered at IIE MSA, you would need to have an appropriate Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent HEQSF Level 7 qualification. A keen interest in business ethics, leadership, legislative strategies as well as financial and sustainability reporting is essential to your success in this field as well.

If you are interested in applying for the IIE Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Governance, more information can be found here.

Why is Corporate Governance important?

The importance of corporate governance can be measured in how accountable a business or organisation is. Effective corporate governance enables a company to have the most streamlined processes possible whilst ensuring that every person, at every level, is responsible for their actions.

The IIE Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Governance focuses on both policy and strategic challenges, for senior managers working with boards or dealing with governance issues and directors within private and government entities. This programme will equip learners and enhance their skills in practicing corporate governance in their own place of work.

The programme structure consists of 8 modules, with each one specialising in an intensive and thought-provoking element;

  • Module 1: Ethics and Business Ethics
  • Module 2: Corporate Governance
  • Module 3: The legislative environment to corporate governance
  • Module 4: Board matters
  • Module 5: Leadership, directors and officers
  • Module 6: The combined assurance model
  • Module 7: Strategy, stakeholders and risk
  • Module 8: Financial, sustainability and integrated reporting

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Flexible learning with IIE MSA

At IIE MSA, we offer flexible teaching methods designed for the working professional as well as the first-time student. We offer both face-to-face contact sessions as well as extensive online learning systems that allows each student exposure to both detailed theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical learning.

We are based in Ruimsig, Johannesburg at a world-class campus that rivals none. The IIE’s approach to learning is comprehensive and innovative; a blended, hybrid online environment. We pride ourselves on meeting both South African and global standards for the quality of our teaching, research and support.

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British Accreditation Council

The IIE is not only accredited in South Africa but its dedication to providing quality education also led to it being accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) in 2014. The British Accreditation Council is an independent authority in the United Kingdom that accredits private providers globally, including Greece, Switzerland, Singapore, India, Mauritius and the United Arab Emirates. In 2017 The IIE had its accreditation status confirmed by the BAC as an Independent Higher Education Institution confirming our confidence in the international comparability of our standards.

“South African students need to know, when they select a private higher education institution, that the standards offered are equivalent to those of a public University. Our students get this from our extensive local accreditation and registration. The students also benefit from knowing that we meet international standards too. The IIE is accredited as an Independent Higher Education Institution by the British Accreditation Council. Locally and internationally we have demonstrated the quality of what we offer” said Dr Coughlan, Director, The Independent Institute of Education. IIE MSA students can be confident that their IIE learning experience meets international best practice standards.”