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What is Business Administration

Being able to supervise the operations of a business within a multitude of aspects is what the specialisation of business administration entails. A professional with an IIE Master of Business Administration is able to lead their organisations in ground-breaking ways, enabling them to understand universal business problems and challenges in the South African and global context. A business administrator is able to guide, lead and organise their organisations by applying best practice methods and a management style that is original and emotionally intelligent.

Considering studying business administration in South Africa? Choose The IIE as your higher education institution of choice; and study the professional IIE Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree offered at IIE MSA, which integrates theoretical engagement with intellectual independence, allowing students to develop an ability to resolve problems in an inventive way.

What is Business Administration within organisations?

Understanding how to lead business effectively in the context of both South Africa and the world is the best way to describe the business administration definition. A professional business administrator is an individual who can problem solve in a keen and innovative way. The IIE MBA degree exposes professionals to the global context of business administration, giving the student a world-view on how to tackle complex problems.

Why should I specialise in Business Administration?

Choosing to study an IIE Master of Business Administration is an investment in both your current and future knowledge base. The IIE degree course is offered over a period of three years full-time study and four years part-time study and is designed for working professionals who are already in leadership or management positions.

A qualified Business Administrator will be able to bring pioneering ways of thinking to their current roles as well as a new organisations or NGOs. If you study in this area of specialisation you will learn leadership skills that allow you to bring strategic insights into everything you do. You will learn how to purposefully solve problems; making decisions with an innovative and enquiring mind.

Career opportunities for professional business administrators include;

  • Leadership roles like Director, Executive Manager, CEO, and General Manager
  • Senior specialist roles like Marketing, Finance, Legal, Manufacturing, HR and R & D

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What is The Business Administration Job Role?

Within an organisation, an MBA graduate, would be able to lead an organisation well, being able to tackle challenges by applying best practice knowledge and heightened problem-solving abilities in both private and public organisations. Business administration duties within corporate South Africa include learning to think creatively and an ability to find innovative solutions to both local and global problems. When offering a business administration service, you will become a highly sought-after individual that is seen to be able to deliberately and effectively manage an organisation.

If you choose to embark on the IIE MBA programme, you will focus on these areas of specialisation;

  • People management
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Economic decision-making
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Project management
  • Business strategy in a dynamic era

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What are the entry requirements for a Master in Business Administration with IIE MSA?

Minimum requirements for entry onto the IIE MBA offered at  IIE MSA are appropriate HEQSF Level 8 Honours Degree, or a relevant Postgraduate Diploma with an average of 60%. Recognition of Prior Learning will also be considered in the case of professionals who have been working in a senior leadership role for some time.

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British Accreditation Council

The IIE is not only accredited in South Africa but its dedication to providing quality education also led to it being accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) in 2014. The British Accreditation Council is an independent authority in the United Kingdom that accredits private providers globally, including Greece, Switzerland, Singapore, India, Mauritius and the United Arab Emirates. In 2017 The IIE had its accreditation status confirmed by the BAC as an Independent Higher Education Institution confirming our confidence in the international comparability of our standards.

“South African students need to know, when they select a private higher education institution, that the standards offered are equivalent to those of a public University. Our students get this from our extensive local accreditation and registration. The students also benefit from knowing that we meet international standards too. The IIE is accredited as an Independent Higher Education Institution by the British Accreditation Council. Locally and internationally we have demonstrated the quality of what we offer,” said Dr Coughlan, Director, The Independent Institute of Education.

IIE MSA students can be confident that their IIE learning experience meets international best practice