If you are good with figures and have an eye for detail, a career in accounting could be a good fit for you

Accounting professionals are important to any major business as they help to maintain the financial records of the company. Accountants are always in demand as every government, business and non-profit organisation needs an accountant (or at the very least a bookkeeper) to help them keep track of their finances.

Companies of all sizes rely on accountants to help them produce strategic plans that will maximise their chances of success. They can perform financial and economic evaluations to ensure the company’s growth is on track. They can identify problem areas and help reduce business expenses and better manage cash flow.

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What is Accounting?

Accountants are tasked with recording, analysing, and reporting on financial data within an organisation. They use the information put together by a bookkeeper to compile their statements and reports.

An accountant is responsible for compiling financial statements such as balance sheets, income statements and statements of profit and loss. They also need to report on financial performance and analyse financial performance so that they can assist with future planning, strategies and budgets. They ensure compliance with the law when it comes to financial reporting regulations and tax laws and uphold with accounting ethics. And they offer organisations financial advice.

Accounting jobs

If you pursue accounting as a career, you will probably find yourself working for a major organisation, the government, or a non-governmental organisation. Once you’ve studied as an accountant, you’ll have the opportunity to specialise in specific area within the accounting field. You could work as an internal auditor, a cost accountant, a forensic accountant, a management or project accountant or as a tax accountant.
Accountants often go on to become the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), or even the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of many organisations.

Where to study accounting in South Africa?

IIE MSA is a brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), a leader in the higher education sphere, offering an array of IIE Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes.

Accounting is offered as a study area in the IIE Bachelor of Accounting, offered at IIE MSA.
You can also study related qualifications at IIE MSA such as the IIE Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting, a pathway for those looking to become a Chartered Accountant, or the IIE Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Accounting for those looking to becoming a Management Accountant.

Membership with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) will allow you to build a career as an accountant or auditor (external or internal) or consultant in private practice, commerce and industry, the academic environment or in government.

The IIE Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Accounting will enable a student to apply for exemptions for certain CIMA exams. Please consult the CIMA Global website for more information.

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