The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE) hosted its 11th Celebrate Research and Teaching & Learning colloquium on the 13 October 2021. The fully online colloquium was another first for the IIE and not even the loadshedding impacted on the delivery of 42 research papers. The themes of the colloquium covered research projects pertaining to Digital Learning, Game of Teaching and Learning, Teaching the 21st century student, Academic Support & Development, Advancing Online Learning, Technology in Teaching, Student Development: a discipline perspective, Advancing Higher Education Institutions, Influential Educational Factors and Student Development. The themes were divided into individual online meeting rooms allowing the attendees to select the themes and papers they would want to attend and join the virtual room.

The IIE’s 11th Celebrate Research and Teaching & Learning colloquium was arranged by the IIE’s Office of the Dean of Research and Postgraduate Studies. The presentations were all unique, fascinating, discipline specific and most importantly focused on providing the best higher education for students, and graduating digitally work ready graduates. The event concluded with the first IIE’s Dean of Research and Postgraduate Studies Established Research of the year award which was award to Ms Linda Downsborough from the IIE MSA campus in Ruimsig, Gauteng.