Over the past few years, the speed with which our world has been digitising has been nothing short of eye-watering. This digitisation trend began long before the pandemic and global lockdown responses, but they have certainly served to significantly accelerate it. And as the ways people work, live, play and shop have digitally evolved, the number of opportunities for global careers in information technology (IT) have exploded.

In response to the growing demand for IT professionals, The IIE developed its Higher Certificate in Mobile Application and Web Development.

According to Neil Manson, Head of the IIE MSA School of Engineering, ICT, Science and Health, the IIE Higher Certificate in Mobile Application and Web Development has been designed to provide students with introductory knowledge and practical skills in mobile application and web development that can help them access employment opportunities in these in-demand fields. “When the IIE was putting this Higher Certificate in Mobile Application and Web Development together, we consulted extensively with businesses involved in the mobile application and web development industry,” Manson says, “so IIE graduates who hold the one-year qualification can be confident that the knowledge and skills they acquire will stand them in good stead when applying for jobs in the industry.”

But Manson emphasises that the course is not just for job hunters; it’s also an effective way of preparing to succeed, and excel, in a full undergraduate IT degree course. “This one-year, intensive, certificate course is not only an ideal introduction to mobile application and web development for anyone interested in these exciting, opportunity rich IT fields,” he says, “it is also an excellent steppingstone into a fully-fledged technology degree, like the sought-after IIE Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences degree, with the option of two study areas, namely the Applications Development and Networks stream and the Business Systems stream. Alternatively, holders of the qualification could go on to complete the popular IIE Diploma in Information Technology in Software Development

The NQF level 5 IIE Higher Certificate in Mobile Application and Web Development offered at IIE MSA is structured in accordance with HEQSF guidelines and provides students with the knowledge, skills, and applied competencies they need to be employed in the IT industry, or to become an IT entrepreneur with a focus on building mobile apps and websites.

The IIE qualification is open to applications from learners who have obtained a National Senior Certificate and who want to pursue an IT career, but who may not have qualified to register for a degree programme, or who prefer to first set a solid foundation of knowledge and practical skills before pursuing their degree.

The IIE Higher Certificate in Mobile Application and Web Development comprises eight modules over the course of two semesters. The modules are a balanced blend of technical and theoretical information and practical hands-on skills development. They range from introductions to digital and academic literacies, mobile application development and quantitative thinking to mobile app scripting, programming logic, UI and UX design and web development. The course also includes a valuable Work Integrated Learning component, which provides an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and use their skills in practice.

Those who graduate from the certificate course, but who choose not to further their studies towards a degree, could use the qualification to seek various junior tech positions in fields ranging from web- and web content development to server-side or client-facing mobile app development.

The IIE Higher Certificate in Mobile Application and Web Development is offered at the state-of-the-art IIE MSA campus in Ruimsig near Johannesburg. This means that students not only receive world-class education from IIE MSA’s leading academics and subject matter experts, but they also have access to the full spectrum of IIE MSA’s on-campus facilities. These range from a state-of-the-art library and extensive extra-curricular sports and cultural facilities to a fully equipped fitness and wellness centre. IIE MSA also offers safe and comfortable student residences to full-time students, for a warm and welcoming home-away-from-home experience while studying.

If you are ready to make your dreams of an IT career a reality, find out more about the IIE Higher Certificate in Mobile Application and Web Development. You can also click on the ‘Enquire’ link to arrange a no obligation consultation with one of our student advisors. Alternatively email us at enquiries@iiemsa.co.za or call us on +27 11 950 4009.