The aim of the Partner School Programme is to build strategic relationships with high schools in Monash South Africa’s (MSA) key target markets, in hope of attracting prospective students to the campus. Each event in the Partner School programme intends to expose MSA’s target market to the campus, educate, excite and inform them about available course offerings; and to raise brand awareness in order to take advantage of the probability of higher conversion rates from campus visits.

On Thursday, 24 April 2015 MSA hosted its very first Principal’s Breakfast to solidify its relationships with Principals from our Partner School Programme. MSA’s COO, Nicolene Murdoch delivered a key-note address entitled “Teaching students to think like freaks”; followed by talks given by our Heads of Schools, to provide guests with background on the work we do at MSA so that they can be equipped to inform their learners.

MSA planned a fun-filled colour run event for some of the learners from our partner schools on Saturday, 9 May 2015; where our CEO, Esther Benjamin opened with an inspiring message, and later gave the floor to our academic staff to talk about the great study options and international opportunities offered at MSA. Once learners were done with the campus tour and meeting the great academic team and vibrant students, they ended the day off with a festive colour run. ?