22 year-old Social Sciences student, Lisa Thelma Sidambe was chosen to represent Monash South Africa at the 23rd Harvard World Model United Nations (WorldMUN) conference in Brussels, Belgium from the 17th to the 21st of March 2014. To participate in this conference, Monash University was looking for an exceptional student representative with the ability to debate on a wide range of international topics.

“We went through quite a number of applicants who wanted to participate in this high-profile, international event, but Lisa stood out from all the other students as a bright, passionate, young African leader and ambassador. We are extremely proud to have had our campus and country represented at this important, transformative conference,” said Cristelle Snyman, head of Global Engagement at Monash South Africa.

Every year, this student simulation of the United Nations brings together young delegates from universities around the world, to form connections, discuss and share ideas on contemporary issues. It is a unique social experience that encourages young people from different walks of life to come together for a common purpose.

Lisa’s role at the conference was as the Nigerian Director General of the State Security Service, Ita Ekpeyong. Her committee specifically focused on the challenges of the judicial policies around organ trafficking and the foreign policies aimed towards eradicating global challenges. “I have learnt that other students out there never sleep and that is what makes them exceptional leaders. I have been challenged to define myself as a student with the capacity to advance change in the same way,” said Lisa.

In 2009, the Zimbabwean-born student was chosen as part of a British Council international leadership programme called Dreams and Teams to travel through Europe and participate in the Winchmore School Enterprise Week programme. Lisa has also served as an ambassador at an inter-school debate championship in the Netherlands in 2010.

As no stranger to leadership, Lisa continuous to break down stereotypes through her passion for debating around issues affecting humanity. “I grew up loving the idea of being outstanding and making sure my presence is felt everywhere that I go and that is the reason why I have developed a passion for conversations that stimulate change”, said Lisa.

Since it was founded in 1991, the WorldMUN conference has brought together over 2000 delegates and has created a borderless network of inspiring young people from around the world to share collective solutions for a common purpose.