23 Apr 2015

Heartbreakingly, and in stark contrast to our inclusive Monash South Africa (MSA) campus, South Africa has in the past month faced a national issue in the form of negative sentiment and xenophobic assaults upon citizens of other nations. The recent xenophobic incidents involving people of different nationalities became a serious concern for the country at large. United, the majority of South Africans have stood up against these hate crimes, showing their support for an inclusive country and continent.

In order to address the issue and show their ongoing support of a truly international campus, MSA students banded together with the staff and created an on campus Solidarity March celebrating diversity and the unique nationalities that make up “A United Monash South Africa for a United Africa”. In addition to the march, the students and staff hosted an emotional and thought provoking Open Mic session allowing both students and staff a platform to speak out freely on the subject matter and express their views on xenophobia within Africa.

MSA Academic President, Professor Alwyn Louw said during the march: “We have to commit ourselves that we’re going to leave here today and live the ideals of respect, freedom, transparency, and tolerance. This is our responsibility. We are committed to make sure that our academic programmes and what we offer as an institution will allow people to be prepared for a world in which they can go and make this contribution. Monash South Africa stands for respect, tolerance, multiculturalism; to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to access those broader opportunities that exist in society.” ?#?NoToXenophobia

The MSA campus is dedicated to support South Africa and the continent to meet its diverse economic and educational needs by producing graduates that are globally aware and internationally recognised.

Recent Events and Keeping Our Campus Safe

Dear Students & Staff

Recent xenophobic incidents involving people of different cultures and nationalities in South Africa are of serious concern. Monash South Africa has always been distinct and unique in the way we embrace multiculturalism, internationalism and diversity.

We need to be vigilant at all times, while being respectful of people around us from different cultures, religions, beliefs and nationalities.

The safety and well-being of our students and staff is our highest priority and we have taken precautionary steps to increase the safety of everyone. We are also in regular contact with SAPS to remain appraised of developments.

We request that you pay attention to all announcements related to security and adhere to all guidance related to your safety. We urge you to avoid places with reported cases of unrest. Travel in groups to the extent possible. Avoid walking alone at night off campus. Use shuttles for transport at all times. Please alert us about any suspicious or unusual activity.

In the unlikely event that anyone feels threatened or has been a victim of any attack, please contact our Campus Protection Services on 011 950 4099 for immediate assistance.

Additionally, our Student Development Department can provide counselling and support for any of our students. Please call 011 950 4117 for an appointment.

Kind regards, 

Esther Benjamin; CEO Monash South Africa
Professor Alwyn Louw; Academic President
Nicolene Murdoch; COO