Growth comes in many shapes and forms, but one thing is certain; if you remain the same and refuse to change, you will not stand the test of time.  The same is true for the IIE MSA campus formerly known as Monash South Africa.

We are proud of our roots.  Being a campus of Monash University for several years has given us the strong foundations from which our move in to SA’s largest private higher education institution, The Independent Institution of Education (The IIE), makes excellent sense for our ongoing contribution to offering quality higher education in South Africa.

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Why did Monash South Africa change to IIE MSA

With growth, comes change. In 2001, Monash South Africa was founded as a campus of Monash University Australia. We began our facility with a view to offering world-class undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that enabled students to become leaders in their fields.

In 2013 Monash entered a partnership with Laureate International Universities who acquired a large stake in the campus and enabled further development of offerings and a development of both a global and local standard for our offerings.  The campus was then known as MSA to signal that it was drawing its strength not only from Monash University but also from Laureate and all within a strong SA context.

For reasons associated with their own changes in strategy Laureate and Monash decided in 2018 to exist the SA market.  As our campus enjoyed such a strong reputation by that stage in terms of our own ability to offer a quality educational experience to the students it was not surprising that The Independent Institute of Education, through its holding company, Advtech acquired the campus to add to The Independent Institute of Education’s already extensive higher education offerings.

Advtech is a JSE listed human capital company which has a large schools division, several tertiary brands and The Independent Institute of Education which is SA’s largest private higher education institution offering qualifications up to Doctoral level.  The IIE is the obvious home for the campus which is now known as IIE MSA – reflecting both the legacy and proud history of our campus and now our integration in to SA’s largest, leading private institution.

These changes signal a coming of age – an ability to keep delivering quality higher education qualifications now backed by The IIE.  Locally rooted but globally tested.

What are the changes from Monash South Africa to IIE MSA?

Nothing in terms of our campus here in Ruimsig, Johannesburg and our strong academic programme delivered by sector leading academics and supported by skilled, student centred staff has changed.  What is different is that in future the qualifications will be conferred by The IIE and we will in fact be adding some of those offerings to this site.

Who is IIE MSA?

If you’re looking for a place of higher learning that understands the intricacies of a range of industries both locally and internationally, then choose IIE MSA today. With 18 years of experience in the education space, we strive to create global leaders not just graduates.

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