Over the last fifteen years Monash South Africa (MSA) has worked to produce graduates who are truly globally-minded, highly skilled and employable. Our graduates understand that the internationally recognised MSA degrees that they earn open the doors to leadership and represent a responsibility to use what they have learned to positively impact the world around them. On Saturday 9 April, over a thousand students from the 60 different nationalities represented on campus received their MSA degrees in Johannesburg and began their journey towards making their mark on the world.

The celebrations commemorated the 19th and 20th graduation ceremonies held by MSA since the institution was founded by Monash University in 2001. The initial ceremony for Higher Certificate in Higher Education Studies, the School of Health Sciences and the School of Social Science was followed by the School of Information Technology and the School of Business and Economics ceremony. Each ceremony was a joyful and prestigious occasion, as MSA proudly celebrated the achievements of our graduates along with their families and friends.

The highlight of each ceremony was undoubtedly the passionate and heartfelt speeches delivered by the four MSA student speakers; Lisa Sidambe (from Zimbabwe), Zahra Kaba (from Tanzania), Steve Velcev (from South Africa) and Yamikani Katunga (from Zimbabwe). Each of the student speakers have consistently shown excellence in their academia, their leadership skills and in community engagement during their time at MSA, and their speeches reflected their ambitious and aspirational mindsets.

A particularly moving and inspirational speech was given by 2015 Mandela Rhodes Scholar and winner of the Sir John Monash Medal, Lisa Sidambe, who received a standing ovation for her incredibly brave and inspirational words. The two MSA Mandela Rhodes recipients for 2016, Kholiwe Simeon and Mussawir Hassan, also received their undergraduate degrees on the day.

MSA congratulates all newly graduated members of the MSA Alumni community, and wishes them the best in the exciting new phase of their lives.