By Neil Manson, School of Engineering, ICT, Science and health Head at IIE MSA

A more digital world of work means that, today, there are far more opportunities for graduates to access outstanding career opportunities across the world. However, this digital global access to employment opportunities also means that competition for the best jobs is more fierce than it has ever been. The best way to maximise your chances of being recruited for the position you want is by demonstrating a clear commitment to your future, and showing your ability to make a valuable contribution to your prospective employer. And one of the best ways to do that is with a post-graduate qualification or Honour’s degree.

IIE MSA is the largest private higher education campus in South Africa and The IIE is internationally accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC), an independent authority in the United Kingdom that recognises private education providers globally for the internationally comparable standards of their education offerings.

The reason for the BAC’s confidence in the quality of The IIEs’ education is not hard to see. Many IIE graduates are recognised around the world as being highly competent and innovative problem solvers, equipped with the knowledge, skills and abilities required to help shape industry and make a meaningful contribution to social and economic upliftment.

This is especially true of IIE graduates who hold Honour’s degrees from the highly regarded tertiary education institution; and for graduates looking to gain a competitive edge over their peers, there are five IIE Honours programmes offered at IIE MSA to help you:

  1. Prepare yourself for business leadership with an IIE Bachelor of Business Science Honours degree. This dynamic Honours degree equips graduates with a solid understanding of key business management and leadership attributes and helps to develop critical thinking, effective analysis and reflective skills. As a student on this course, you will engage with various management theories, research methodologies and techniques – all focused on advancing your knowledge of the modern business world and giving you the knowledge, expertise and research skills you need to confidently step into a role as a business manager or successful entrepreneur in a broad spectrum of commerce sectors.
  2. Access exciting opportunities in banking, finance and economic affairs, with an IIE Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Economics. The IIE Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Economics gives you an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of economics and hone your skills in preparation for a successful career in economics, or related fields. The curriculum is closely aligned to current (and future) industry needs, and prioritises competence in economic analysis and its application to real-world issues. This ensures that the knowledge and skills you acquire will be relevant for years to come, enabling you to participate in an increasingly complex and dynamic local and global economy. Having an IIE Honours degree in Economics offered at IIE MSA will make you an attractive candidate for employers and recruiters in many commerce fields, including banking and finance, the public sector, and international economic affairs.
  3. Tap into the fast-growing world of IT opportunities with the IIE Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences Honours. This advanced and comprehensive Honours degree course has been designed with a clear understanding of the technology needs of, and issues affecting, enterprises and IT industry participants. It provides you with advanced theories and knowledge in the key disciplines of computer and information systems and equips you with advanced research skills to enable you to engage with organisational leaders and stakeholders and develop effective corporate solutions to business problems and needs.
  4. Discover the rewards of a career that makes a difference in the world, with an IIE Bachelor of Social Science Honours degree. As the world increasingly recognises the imperative to focus more intently on social upliftment, empowerment and justice, an IIE Honours degree in Social Sciences offered at IIE MSA is an excellent way to take your place as a leader in the delivery of positive social outcomes. Whether your preference is for Psychology, Communication, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Geography and Environmental Science, or International Studies, your IIE Bachelor of Social Science Honours degree will equip you with the knowledge and research skills to access a highly rewarding career and be the difference you want to see in the world.
  5. Help drive the evolution of global healthcare with an IIE Bachelor of Public Health Honours degree. This unique programme has been designed to develop your research and analytical skills, specifically within the public health science domain. These are skills that are in high demand internationally on the back of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the advanced knowledge and capabilities you will gain, in specific areas of public health and health science, can open an array of career doors in private and public health environments. This Honours degree is also a solid foundation from which to expand your qualifications further through clinical programs and higher research degrees.