IIE MSA a brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE) is one of the only private higher education campuses in South Africa to offer IIE engineering degrees, the IIE Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and the IIE Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering.

Engineering is a broad field that offers exciting career opportunities, and IIE MSA offers IIE degree qualifications in two of the top fields – mechanical and electrical engineering. There aren’t many other careers that provide quite the same range of rewards as engineering and have a tangible impact on the world around you.

According to the 2020 Critical Skills Survey, engineering tops the list of skills shortages in South Africa, with 21% of respondents saying they struggle to fill positions. Engineers are creative, problem solvers, and they like to explore how things work every day. Indeed, these are the attributes that will be reinforced while studying engineering.

Head of School for Engineering, ICT, Science & Health at IIE MSA, Neil Manson, notes that engineering programmes are in-demand – primarily because of the discipline’s employability. “As the world becomes even more automated in the 4IR, engineers are constantly in high demand. With the skills learned and developed from studying an engineering degree, we are sure IIE 2022 pool of graduates will be highly employable and add a significant variety of employers and industries. This, in turn, implies a high-income potential and plentiful local and international work opportunities. Engineers get the opportunity to explore the world, working on sites, mines and helping to develop the way cities and people interact with their world.”

What most engineering students appreciate from the discipline is the opportunity to use their skills and expertise to contribute to society. Engineers solve everyday problems and challenges to help improve our way of life, whether through a new piece of technology, a new machine, or a power plant construction.

Students are well prepared to enter the workforce upon graduating. Unlike many traditional engineering programmes, the IIE Bachelor of Engineering programmes exposes them to the role of engineering in the real world as early as their first year. “The IIE programmes ensure that students are equipped with first-hand experience of the value that engineering adds to improving the quality of lives in communities through the built environment. Not only that, but in 2022 we are opening three world-class laboratories. One facility is a general use electronics laboratory for the Electrical and Electronic Engineering programme; a chemistry laboratory; and the third is a mechanical engineering laboratory which caters for all the major testing required of the course – fluid dynamics, thermo dynamics, strength of materials testing. In addition to the imported engineering equipment, each workstation comes with a high-spec computer.” says IIE MSA Programme Manager for Engineering, Wihann van Reenen.

The IIE Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree provides graduates with the basic skills, knowledge, and insights to better manage the environment by applying the principles learned in the tertiary phase.

The qualification includes a prescribed level of understanding and knowledge of the mechanical discipline, which is in practice closely associated with the role of the Electrical and Electronic engineer.

The IIE Bachelor of Engineering programme offered at IIE MSA is accredited by the CHE and endorsed by the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA). The Engineering Council of South Africa is the only signatory in Africa to the Washington Accord, therefore allowing for global recognition, thus assuring your qualification is world-class.

Applications for the Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering are open and classes start on 28 February 2022. Find out more about studying engineering by visiting www.iiemsa.co.za to request a consultation with one of our student advisers. Alternatively email us at enquiries@iiemsa.co.za or call us on +27 11 950 4009.