Game Goabaone Bantsi, AKA Zeus, graduated from Monash South Africa (MSA) in 2009, and has since gone on to make major strides in both the business and entertainment arenas. Bantsi’s innovative and entrepreneurial energy has made him a rising star from a young age. Growing up in Gabarone, Botswana, Bantsi became acutely aware that young urban Africa was largely missing from the media that he was presented with on a daily basis. Bantsi recognised the influential power of the music, films, video games and television shows that were on offer, and understood that there was an opportunity to positively empower young Africans through content creation.

Bantsi decided to take action, and “be the change he wanted to see”, which led to the development of his successful record label and events company, D.I.Y Entertainment. Bantsi is the Director of Business Development at D.I.Y, which he finds fulfilling, multi-faceted and more of a lifestyle than just a job. Through his industry, Bantsi strives to “share narratives that help Africans and the world change the negative perceptions and attitudes about Africa”.

It is due to his hard work and creativity, as well as his passionate African yet global mindset, that Bantsi has reached impressive levels of success. Recently, he was the recipient of a 2016 Mandela Washington Fellowship, which acknowledges the leadership skills he has shown in his community. Bantsi says the fellowship has given him the opportunity to take his talents further, as he prepares to help move his community into a new age of African socio-economic development.

Bantsi refers to the importance of his time spent at MSA, and to the impact it continues to have on his career and personal growth. He says that his undergraduate studies here gave him an essential grounding in business and equipped him with the marketing, management and media skills he would come to rely on as an independent artist. Beyond the academic aspects, Bantsi also remembers the MSA community which he was a part of, saying that he is still in touch with many of the friends he made during his time studying.

Bantsi continues to grow in his role and take on fresh challenges daily. He says that no day at work is a ‘typical day’, so he is always ready for the unexpected in the dynamic environment he works in. Between projects for the United Nations, projects with various musicians, providing entertainment services for events, youth empowerment activities and panel discussions among others, Bantsi balances his life and work through an holistic approach.

Bantsi’s advice to aspiring students on the path to success is to “develop your skills, be patient and learn how to be independent”. He also stresses the importance of being accepting of constant change, being adaptable and allowing yourself the space to transform.