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Enrolment and Orientation

Enrolment and orientation are designed to help you officially start your exciting new journey with us, so it’s important that you come along and attend the events.

We’ll help you settle in and provide you with all the information to fully prepare you for the start of classes and your student life.

Your Key Enrolment Dates

Take note of the following important 2020 IIE MSA calendar dates for Foundation Programme and all undergraduate students. Refer to the Important Dates for more detailed key dates.

Registration6 – 31 Jan
Orientation week3–7 Feb
Semester one teaching period10 Feb – 29 May
Exams8–26 Jun
Semester two teaching period13 Jul – 23 Oct
Exams2–20 Nov


IIE MSA Orientation (O-Week) 2020

Welcome to IIE MSA’s 2020 Orientation ‘O-Week’. The next O-Week begins for all commencing undergraduate students on 3 February 2020 and ends on 7 February 2020.

Orientation week is a crucial and intensive induction programme designed to prepare you for the academic semester ahead. This solid academic foundation, coupled with exciting social opportunities and events, will ensure a smooth transition into studying at IIE MSA

Download the IIE MSA O-Week programme


During this week, we will help you to prepare for academic learning, understand the mission, vision and values of the IIE MSA community, discover the full array of opportunities available to you as an IIE MSA student and find out how and where you can receive any support you may need.

Although there is much to learn, there are many friendly and helpful IIE MSA students who will be your ‘O-Buddies’, as well as our expert staff members who are ready to offer advice and support throughout your transition to IIE MSA. The IIE MSA O-Week is the best way to get started on the path to academic success and to get a feel for the IIE MSA experience.

During O-Week you will:

  • Receive extensive academic advice for the semester ahead
  • Register, if you have not done so already
  • Learn about your new academic environment
  • Explore ways to get involved in campus activities
  • Meet IIE MSA faculty, staff and current students
  • Attend expert lectures to assist you in making choices for electives and study areas.
  • Get to grips with important issues for new students
  • Learn about campus life from current IIE MSA students
  • Meet other new students, make new friends and form study groups with new classmates
  • Have any and all questions answered about studying at IIE MSA
No, you can just arrive at campus at the start of O-Week.

Yes, the four days of O-Week are mandatory.

The full four-day O-week has been carefully planned to ensure that you are fully prepared for the academic, social and cultural life that comes with being an IIE MSA student. All students are expected to attend IIE MSA O-Week, as it improves their preparation for academic success and assists in their transition to higher education.

First-year students who participate in O-Week are better prepared and generally feel more positive and confident about their experiences at IIE MSA. Plan now to participate fully!

The dress code is casual.  Wear comfortable shoes as you’ll be on the go for the week and moving around a lot. Dress appropriately for the weather.

Bring a bag or backpack to carry your personal necessities and a bottle of water to stay hydrated during O-Week.

You may want to bring a pen and notebook to take notes, or if you have a smartphone or tablet you could make use of it for note-taking. It is the personal responsibility of each student to ensure the safety of their devices at all times. IIE MSA does not assume responsibility for items of a personal nature.

Many IIE MSA students bring their own food to campus each day, so feel free to do so. Food and drink is not supplied to students during O-Week.
Yes, IIE MSA has two providers of food and drink on campus, the canteens’ names are ‘Hotspot’ and ‘Chill Out’. Both providers sell fast food as well as healthy meals. Cold drinks and coffees can also be purchased on campus.

All our O-Week activities, including social activities, take place on campus. We have a beautiful campus so we like to spend as much time here as possible. There are no charges for any activities, however you may be charged for your fresher’s event will be organised by your SRC.

Refreshments for each evening social activity are for your own cost.

Students are requested to arrive no later than 09:45 on 3 February 2020. Your O’Buddies will be waiting to meet you and will escort you to the correct venue.
First year students will be able to connect to the internet via our free, fast, campus Wi-Fi.
Our O-Buddies will be your guides and mentors for the duration of the week

IIE MSA has a bookshop on campus situated in Building E on the first floor. The bookshop has a list of all prescribed textbooks per course. You are not obligated to buy from the bookshop on campus if you would rather buy from elsewhere. You can contact the bookshop on 011 958 1349 to check their prices.

Many IIE MSA programmes also make use of online textbooks. Be sure to attend all academic sessions with lecturers to find out which books to buy.

Occasionally, current students sell their textbooks to new students. Before you purchase textbooks from students, please ensure that the edition of the book is correct. Make sure that the books you purchase from students are the correct texts, as courses may have changed their textbook requirements.

On your arrival for O-Week you will receive a detailed programme of all activities for the week.