Leadership bursaries are awarded to any prospective full time, contact student who assumed a senior leadership role at the school they matriculated from. The onus is on the prospective student to motivate and demonstrate that the position they held was a senior leadership position. These categories have their own associated maximum values as set out in registration guide. These students must be registered for a full complement of subjects/modules and must be attending lectures at IIE MSA. This is a one-year bursary and is not renewable. This bursary is not available to students enrolling for post-graduate studies.

To complete your Bursary-Leadership application, please upload letter from Secondary school, stating your roles and duties (letter must be signed & stamped by the school)

To apply:

  • Submit your application on SIS upon Registration

Withdrawing from your course

If you withdraw from your course you may have to repay the financial award.

Further terms and conditions apply.