Access your fee statement

Your fee statement – a summary of what you have paid and what you may owe – is automatically generated by our computer systems. The statement is linked to your registration, which means that the system will automatically and conveniently send it to your student email account.

The system is programmed to send your fee statement at regular intervals.

As the system is based on best practice, it will automatically adjust your fee statement if there are any changes to your account. These may include changes to the registration, such as when you add or cancel any study units, or any other change that may affect your fees.

Updates or changes to your fee statement will be reflected in the next statement cycle – i.e. at the end of the next two-week cycle.

Check your fee statement regularly

Kindly check your fee statement to ensure all your details are correct. If not, please contact our team in the Student Fees Department and they will gladly update or amend any incorrect or outdated information.

Pay by the due date

The payment due date appears at the bottom right of your fee statement. See payment methods to view the final payment dates.

Understanding your statement

Your statement will only include items relevant to you. This means that your statement may look different to that of your friends at IIE MSA, because they may have different subjects or outstanding fees.

Contact the Student Fee Officer

Tel: +27 011 950 4461 /4494
Fax: +27 011 950 4323