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Discounts & refunds

Family discount – sibling

If you have a brother or a sister who is also studying at IIE MSA then one of you will qualify for a family discount of 10% on your study costs.

We normally apply the discount to the sibling whose programme costs the most, and leave the decision up to the siblings when they study the same programme or have the same programme fees.

To qualify, you must both be:

  • paying full fees.
  • share the same parent or single parent.
  • be enrolled for either the foundation or our degree programme, with at least one of the siblings studying a degree programme.
  • be studying in the same semester.

Your IIE MSA accounts should be in financial good standing, which means that all fees for the semester should be settled on or before the published payment due date.

You will not be eligible in the following instances:

  • If you are stepbrothers, stepsisters or cousins
  • If you apply for other discounts in addition to this discount

To apply

  • Complete the sibling discount form (pdf, 77Kb)
  • Include proof that you are direct siblings. This must include original certified copies of your birth certificates
  • Submit the application before the census date of the semester

You will need to apply every semester. After you have applied for the first time, we will give you a reference number, which you can use in subsequent applications.

You must pay your fees in full by the due date. The person with the highest programme fee charge rate (per 48 credit points) will be eligible to apply for the discount. If approved, the discount will be paid as a refund and you’ll need to fill in and return the request a refund form (pdf, 72Kb).

Withdrawing from your programme

If you withdraw from your programme you may have to repay the discount.

Payment in advance discount

If you pay your programme fees in advance for the full year, you will be eligible for a 10% discount. The discount will be applied to your tuition fees account during the second semester of the year you have paid your full year’s fees in advance.

Have a look at our available Financing Options for more information.

To qualify, you must:

  • start your programme at IIE MSA as full-fee paying student
  • enrol in a full-time programme of more than one year
  • pay your full programme fees for the academic year (for example Semester 1 and Semester 2 of 2017) by the end of February (students commencing in Semester 1); or
  • pay your full programme fees for the academic year (for example Semester 2 of 2017 and Semester 1 of 2018) by the end of July (students commencing in Semester 2)
  • apply for the discount

To apply

  • Complete the Application for annual programme fees payment in advance form (pdf, 357Kb)
  • Send it to us before the first closing date

See our other available Financing Options.


Refund eligibility

You may be able to apply for a refund if you:

  • Overpay on your course fees
  • Have a credit for an approved discount on course fees (such as the 10% sibling discount described above)
  • Change your enrolment (e.g. cancel modules, discontinue, finish your thesis) before the census date
  • Submit the application before the census date of the semester.
  • Are not able to meet a condition required by IIE MSA in your letter of offer
  • Have been excluded by IIE MSA for failure to meet award progression rules and where you have paid fees before receiving notification of your exclusion
  • Aren’t granted a student visa by the South African government authorities
  • Suffer from an illness or disability and are subsequently prevented from commencing your programme
  • Are prevented by other special or extenuating personal circumstances from commencing your programme – you may be eligible for a full or partial refund at the discretion of the Directory: Student Administration (IIE MSA), or their nominee/delegate. For this option to be considered, you must submit documentation to IIE MSA prior to beginning your programme.

All refunds are subject to deduction of any outstanding charges (including library, student administration costs, residence application fees, bank charges, and outstanding laptop).

Apply for a refund

Apply for a refund by completing and returning the request a refund form (pdf, 72Kb) , ensuring that all the required documentation outlined is attached to your request.

Contact the Student Fee Officer

Tel: +27 011 950 4461 /4494
Fax: +27 011 950 4323