How does your ethnicity and your background affect your chances in life? Are you shaped by the society you grow up in? How are gender stereotypes changing you? How does your culture affect your views on politeness, responsibility and behaviour? Sociology takes a scientific look at the world around us to try and determine how our society affects the way we behave.

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What is sociology

Sociology is the study of society. Sociology as a discipline looks at how we see the world and how social relationships and social structures affect us as individuals. A sociologist will look at the forces that are at play within a social structure, and how they influence our relationships.

Social structures have the power to shape our world view – to affect what we believe is right or wrong, and our expectations and beliefs. Sociologists look at both micro and macro influences – from the smaller social groups and communities that influence us, to the large-scale trends in greater society that play a role in our lives.

A sociology degree can prepare you for a job in human resources, law enforcement, counselling or public office, to name a few of the potential career paths.

Sociology graduates will learn to how conduct research, both qualitative and quantitative, and use it for the analysis of various social issues.

Where to study sociology in South Africa?

IIE MSA is a brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), a leader in the higher education sphere, offering an array of sociology programmes, including the IIE Bachelor of Social Science degree offered at IIE MSA, with a study area in Sociology. Students also have the option of following up their degree with the IIE Bachelor of Social Science Honours, and subsequently, a research IIE Master of Philosophy in Arts, both with a specialisation in Sociology.

Sociology careers and career opportunities

After completing a IIE Bachelor of Social Science degree with a specialisation in Sociology at IIE MSA, you will be able to pursue a career in the Human Resources department of many large organisations, or at a government parastatal. You may also find a job working within an embassy or high commission office, or for a non-governmental organisation. Many Sociology professionals work as market research analysts or management consultants, drawing on their qualitative and quantitative research skills to understand different business problems.

With a postgraduate degree, you could take up a teaching position or research post at a university or other institutions of higher learning.

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