Are you wondering what happened to Monash South Africa? Many knew and loved Monash University but where is it now? We’re proud to say that our name may have changed but we are still the largest private higher education establishment that brings you excellence in education through a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and diplomas.

The journey from Monash to IIE MSA has been a wonderful one, with many partnerships being formed along the way. Our journey first began in 2001 as Monash South Africa and today, we are known as IIE MSA.

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Where is Monash South Africa?

Monash South Africa was founded in 2001 as a campus of Monash University Australia. The campus was situated in Johannesburg and was considered to be the largest private higher education precinct in South Africa.

In 2013, Laureate International Universities became the majority shareholder of the institution and MSA was born. The vision for MSA was to develop a truly African brand, rooted in African brilliance.

Both then and now, there was a focus on empowering students with both a local identity and international understanding. As MSA 15 new programmes were introduced onto the course menu.

In 2019, AdvTech acquired MSA and was incorporated into The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), ADvTECH’s higher education subsidiary. MSA was renamed and rebranded as IIE MSA. Our name may have changed but our offerings remained.

Who is IIE MSA?

From our beginnings as a campus of Monash University to our bright future as IIE MSA, we remain the largest private higher education facility dedicated to quality learning and education excellence. IIE MSA is now a leading brand of The IIE. We pride ourselves with our partnerships and network of institutions and campuses. Our lecturers are specialists in their fields and we are internationally recognised through The IIE’s accreditation by the British Accreditation Council (BAC).

IIE MSA is based at the original Monash South Africa campus in Ruimsig, Johannesburg and is the largest private higher education campus in South Africa.

Study with IIE MSA today

For over 18 years, our institution has been consistently delivering higher education programmes and diplomas that offer both unique local insights as well as industry-aligned, global contexts. Our aim remains to teach students to be innovative thinkers that not only look at their own lives, but that of their communities and societies in different ways. We aim to create world class leaders with an African flair that is second to none.

For smaller classes, personalised learning support and excellence in education, choose IIE MSA today.