First-year Monash South Africa (MSA) students have been cleaning  and brightening up Zandspruit community as part of their orientation activities.

The students took part in cleaning up a part of Zandspruit in conjunction with the Pikitup waste collection company. Zandspruit is an informal settlement which is home to over 2000 families, and with the help of the Monash South Africa students they cleaned up the roads in the settlement.

One MSA volunteer, Kevin McLennan, said he was glad to see the results of their efforts.

“Being part of this clean up exercise is very uplifting,” Kevin said.

“l can see that l am making a difference in the lives of the people of Zandspruit.”

Another student team decided to lend a hand in  transforming a children’s crèche called the Love Den with bursts of colour. Together with the Love Den children, they left their marks on the walls of the crèche in the form of multi-coloured hand prints.

MSA Community Engagement Coordinator Bronwyn Du Rand said it brought great joy to the students to be able to make a difference.

“It is always a pleasure to see the appreciative eyes of the children,” Ms Du Rand said.

“This has been one experience that is mind blowing as we see the joy that we bring to these children.”