Postgraduate Diploma in Internal Auditing for 2024

Why study a Postgraduate Diploma in Internal Auditing?

The IIE Postgraduate Diploma in Internal Auditing aims to deliver learners who will be able to render a professional internal auditing service as internal audit managers and or consultants to all types of organisations, including private companies, public companies, government and auditing or consultation firms.

The programme will equip learners with a well-rounded advanced knowledge of the professional practice of internal auditing as well as the competency to manage internal audit activities and perform internal audit assurance and consulting engagements.

Learners are equipped with the ability to communicate correctly, coherently and successfully as internal auditors by means of written, oral and other persuasive methods. Successful candidates will hold in high regard their duty to contribute meaningfully to the development of the local and global society and economy.

This qualification will also impart advanced skills and competencies in numeracy management, literacy and articulation. The qualification is an ideal opportunity for professionals already working in internal auditing or other areas of business to expand their knowledge of internal auditing and the related fields mentioned above. It furthermore familiarises learners with the role and activities of the professional body of internal auditors, known as the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and prepare them for the professional qualifications offered by the IIA both locally and internationally.

Career Opportunities

Candidates completing the Postgraduate Diploma in Internal Auditing will be able to further pursue the Professional Internal Auditor (PIA) designation offered by the IIA South Africa as well as the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), which is an international designation, offered by the IIA Global. They will be able to fulfil capacities such as Chief Internal Auditor, Internal Audit Manager and Internal Audit Supervisors in the public and or private sector, either with in-house internal audit activities or as consultants. Due to their qualifications and the diverse business knowledge and experience gained while working as internal auditors, such individuals often take on management positions in other organisational departments/divisions.

Experienced internal auditors also become sought after members of audit committees and boards of directors.

Programme Outline

This qualification consists of compulsory modules at Level 8 totalling 120 Credits.
Compulsory Modules:

  • Internal audit essentials, 15 Credits.
  • Ethics and governance, 15 Credits.
  • Risk management and Risk based internal auditing, 15 Credits.
  • Information Technology (IT) auditing, 15 Credits.
  • Managing the internal audit activity, 15 Credits.
  • Internal Auditor’s role in fraud risk management, 15 Credits.
  • Internal audit assurance engagements, 15 Credits.
  • Business Communication Skills for Internal Auditors, 15 Credits



Minimum duration is 2 years


Accredited by the CHE. Registration: NQF Level 8, SAQA ID 101704

Programme Code


Programme Introduction Dates

The programme has compulsory Programme Introduction sessions. Students will be notified of the Programme Introduction dates.

Students are advised to pay and enrol at least three days before a cycle commences.

Application Closing Dates

IIE MSA must receive your application at least two weeks before the start of that particular intake.

Discuss your study options with a Student Advisor

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First Semester (February)

Programme Coordinator:

Carel Snyman

Email address:

Contact us

011 950 4009

From outside South Africa

+27 11 950 4009

Who is the Postgraduate Diploma aimed at?

Professionals already employed in internal audit and/or the finance and business environment will be able to enhance their knowledge and skills. This programme strives to deliver competent professionals to the market, who can assist in addressing the current skill shortage of internal auditors on a national as well as international level. The program will aid professionals already employed in the finance and business environment to enhance their skills in the fields mentioned earlier. The programme will thus be a value-add for young graduates at the beginning of their careers in auditing, as well as for internal auditing professionals already working in the industry or in government departments.

A benefit of this programme to graduates would be that they would be able to apply for exemptions from the IIA for certain of the subjects, which would reduce the study period towards a professional qualification.


How to Apply

Programme Information

Learning outcomes

  • Conduct an internal audit of a business or institution, rendering a professional service.
  • Write a meaningful report on an internal audit or related project.
  • Solve complex problems while functioning efficiently as part of a group or team.
  • Identify and address ethical issues within a given scenario. 

Mode of Delivery
The Postgraduate Diploma in Internal Auditing utilises a mixed mode of delivery, incorporating contact sessions, online resources and a combination of assessment methods. The instructional duration per module is ten weeks - contact sessions on campus on five (5) Saturdays during this period, supplemented by activities such as assignments, research and self-study during the weeks dedicated to each module.

Learning outcomes are to be assessed by means of written assessments, group work, journals and case studies based on real-life companies or situations, tests and presentations. The aspects listed under the learning outcome exemplify assessment criteria/ tasks. Formal assessments, in the form of tests and examinations, is also scheduled on Saturdays.

Site of Delivery
IIE MSA campus in Ruimsig, Johannesburg

Minimum Admission Requirements
An appropriate HEQSF Level 7 Bachelor’s degree. The qualification should at least include accounting and/ or auditing modules to the third year level.

International Students
A SAQA Evaluation Certificate with NQF L7 equivalence in an appropriate field.

Please note, requirements for entry to this qualification are correct at the time of publication. However, these may change.

The IIE Postgraduate Diploma in Internal Auditing; HEQSF level 8 - the same level as an honours degree.