Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching for 2024

Why study the Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching?

The IIE Bachelor of Education (BEd) in Foundation Phase Teaching (FPT) is an undergraduate professional qualification aimed at preparing graduates to teach learners from Grades R to 3. This four-year Bachelor’s degree is structured in accordance with the Department of Higher Education and Training’s (DHET) Minimum Requirements for Teacher Education Qualifications (MRTEQ) (2015). It is also aligned with the new Higher Education Qualifications Sub- Framework’s (HEQSF) guidelines. The degree will equip Foundation Phase classroom teachers with the knowledge, skills and applied competencies for employability and further specialization studies, in support of the principles of life-long learning.

This BEd degree provides a fundamental and comprehensive education underpinned by subject knowledge in the teaching of all three Foundation Phase subjects (Language, Mathematics and Life Skills) for Grades 1 to 3. It additionally enables Foundation Phase teachers to prepare Grade R learners for formal learning. There is an integrated focus on educational theory and methodology, aligned with the requirements for a professionally qualified beginner teacher.

The programme is approved by the CHE/SAQA and pending registration with the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Career Opportunities

  • Teaching (Grades R-3)
  • Tutoring
  • School Management (may require further study and/or experience)
  • Educational Consultancy (may require further study and/or experience)
Bachelor of Education (BEd FPT) Duration

IIE Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching
4 Years full-time

Bachelor of Education (BEd FPT) Accreditation

Accredited by the CHE. Registration: NQF Level 7, SAQA ID 96408

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Bachelor of Education (BEd FPT) Intake

First Semester (February)

  • On-campus at IIE MSA: Full-time
Programme Code:


Bachelor of Education (BEd FPT) Entry requirements

Minimum Admission Requirements

National Senior Certificate (NSC)
Bachelor pass with English 50%   FAL 40%

National Certificate (Vocational) (NC(V))
Bachelor pass with English 50%   FAL 40%

Senior Certificate (SC)
Endorsement with English 50%   FAL 40%

Senior Certificate (Amended) (SC(a))
Bachelor pass with English 50%   FAL 40%

Appropriate initial higher education qualification/s: A cognate Higher Certificate OR  cognate 240 credit Diploma OR  an Advanced Certificate OR 360 credit Diploma or Degree may satisfy the minimum admission requirements to degree studies.

Other Qualifications
Pass with English 50%   FAL 40%
If discipline not cognate at least 20% of credits must be academic literacy or numeracy related.  Please see IMPORTANT NOTE.


Additional Admission Requirements for the Bachelor of Education:

English - The degree is delivered in English and this is known as the Language of Learning and Teaching (LoLT) in the BEd degree. All applicants must have achieved a minimum of 50% in English on their NSC/SC/equivalent qualification – whether as a Home Language (HL) or First Additional Language (FAL)

First Additional Language (FAL)* - All applicants to the BEd programmes must have obtained at least a Level 3 (40%) at the NSC or equivalent level, as a HL or FAL, in the language they are seeking to study as a FAL* in the BEd
Must demonstrate language proficiency (LP) in the selected FAL BEd language/s. To be admitted via this option, candidates are required to pass a language proficiency test in the relevant language
*FAL: The language you seek to study as your First Additional Language (language offers are campus dependant)


ALL applicants, regardless of route of entry to the BEd programmes, are required to meet the indicated additional language requirements for English and the selected FAL.           

In the case of those students who have already:
1. graduated from an appropriate initial higher education qualification or
2. achieved a Senior Certificate with Endorsement or admitted via Mature Age Exemption,
the English requirement may then be waived on successful completion of an appropriate proficiency test.

Those who do not meet the FAL requirement on their NSC/equivalent must demonstrate proficiency in the selected FAL

Please note, requirements for entry to this qualification are correct at the time of publication, however, these may change.


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