Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Economics for 2024

Why study the Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Economics?

The IIE Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Economics degree offered at IIE MSA is aligned to industry, with well-defined priorities to guarantee relevance while addressing the needs of African economies. There is a growing need for multi-dimensional graduates with the ability to participate in an increasingly complex and dynamic local and global economy. The Economics Honours programme provides students with an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of economics and to develop the necessary skills to tackle the economic issues and challenges that they will encounter throughout their careers. Emphasis is placed on attaining competence in economic analysis and its application to real-world issues. The programme also recognises the importance of research skills to economists and introduces the student to the major issues and practices in undertaking a research project. As such the research module offered in the programme develops students’ essential research skills for both professional and academic contexts alongside the ability to present and defend research to an expert audience. Placing emphasis on independent and critical thinking, analysis, research design and methods, as well as academic discourse.

Career Opportunities

The careers open to economists are challenging and dynamic, more so in the present environment of globalization. Therefore, the BCom Economics Honours degree is highly desirable for students seeking employment as professional economists (employers may value a level of specialisation that is not provided by a three-year Bachelor’s degree); for students who want to do postgraduate work in economics or for students who simply want to signal relatively high academic achievement. The BCom Economics Honours programme will prepare graduates to take jobs and internships in the Banking and Financial Markets, the Public Sector, and International Economic Affairs, such as the World Trade Organization, United Nations, the World Bank and the Regional Development Banks.

Successful completion of this economics honours programme leads to an IIE qualification.

Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Economics  Duration

1 year full-time

Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Economics Accreditation

Accredited by the CHE. Registration: NQF Level 8, SAQA ID 99595

Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Economics


BCom Hons in Economics Intake

First Semester (February)


Blended: On-campus and Online Support

BCom Hons in Economics Programme code:


Contact us

011 950 4009

From outside South Africa

+27 11 950 4009

BCom Hons in Economics Minimum Admission Requirements

An appropriate Bachelor’s Degree with an average of 60% in the final year;
An appropriate Advanced Diploma, provided that a 360 credit Diploma or appropriate equivalent has been completed, with an average of 60% in the final year.

Candidates must have completed modules in the Economics discipline up to NQF level 7, with an average of 60% for Economics (NQF level 7) and an average of 60% for either Econometrics (NQF level 7) or Statistics (NQF level 7), to be considered for entrance into the honours programme. In addition, candidates must have completed a foundation research module at the undergraduate level, preferably at NQF Level 7. Those who have not completed a foundation research module at undergraduate level will be required to do The IIE Introduction to Research SLP and need to be able to demonstrate an understanding of basic research before they can commence with their research report. Candidates are required to have achieved a minimum final year average of 60% in their third year (NQF L7) modules. Those with a final year average of 55 - 59% will be admitted if they attained an average of 60% or higher for the designated cognate/core discipline module at final-year (NQF L7) level.

Additional Notes:

Graduates of The IIE who do not meet the admissions requirements for admission to Honours can enrol for and repeat all or some of their NQF Level 7 modules in order to improve their marks so that they can meet the entry requirements for Honours. These graduate students will then receive an additional transcript after the completion of the repeat module(s), where the repeat module(s) will appear as a second iteration of the module(s) on the transcript. The marks from the second iteration can then be used for admission to Honours in the subsequent academic year. This option is only available to graduates from The IIE and does not apply to graduates from other HE institutions.

Please note, requirements for entry to this qualification are correct at the time of publication. However, these may change.


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International Students

A SAQA NQF L7 Evaluation Certificate in an appropriate field and meeting the additional admission requirements.

Please note, requirements for entry to this qualification are correct at the time of publication. However, these may change.

BCom Hons in Economics Applications

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