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Foundation Programme

Foundation Programme for 2019

Why study the Foundation Programme?

If you don’t meet the entry requirements for direct entry to the bachelor degree you’d like to study, our Foundation Programme can get you there (provided all degree requirements are met).

This one-year programme, offered by IIE MSA, provides a pathway between your highest qualification and the IIE MSA entry requirements for undergraduate studies.

This programme is offered and recognised by IIE MSA. Successful completion of this programme could lead to a IIE MSA undergraduate qualification, if you meet the entry requirements.

What are the Foundation Programme Course details?

Our Foundation Programme is split into six study streams which directly relate to the undergraduate degrees we offer. You can choose from Law, Social Science, Business and Economics, Information Technology, Science and Health Sciences.

You have two to three semesters in which to complete the Foundation Programme and all the requirements of the programme must be met within this time.

Completing the Foundation Programme does not guarantee entry into a course leading to a degree. Prospective students must also meet the requirements for the intended degree to be considered for admission into degree programmes. These entry requirements can be accessed at https://www.iiemsa.co.za/msa-foundation-programme-entry-requirements/.

For more information about the entry requirements of studying the Foundation Programme at IIE MSA, get in touch with us today.

Support for success


There are a number of guidelines which apply to students enrolled in the Foundation Programme – they’re designed to make studying easier for you by outlining everything you need to know before and during your time in the programme.

Peer collaboration and individual tracking of student progress

Our Foundation Programme has a well-developed peer collaborator. Previous top performing Foundation Programme students are trained to offer ongoing academic and social support to current students.

All foundation Programme students are tracked by staff members from the beginning of each semester in terms of attendance and academic performance. Tracking allows for early, positive and unique interventions that are tailored to suit the needs of individual students.

Our staff

Lecturers in the Foundation Programme come from South Africa and all over the world to bring you the best combination of local and global knowledge to help you succeed in your study. Meet our staff.


1 years full-time

Fees for 2019

Fees are subject to change annually.

Tuition fees for South African citizens and international students for one year Foundation Programme are R66,661 (4,465.52 USD).

Domestic/South African students are advise to pay 30% of their semester fee before enrolment and the balance by the published payment due date. Alternative payment arrangement can be applied for to pay each unit in full before the commencement date of the unit.

Payment dates are earlier if you are a commencing international student. This is to allow 6-8 weeks for your study visa applications to be processed prior to enrolment. To avoid delays obtaining a study visa, commencing international students must pay a 30% deposit before enrolling to allow 6-8 weeks for study visa applications and 50% balance on or before enrolment.

For more information regarding fees please visit the Fee structure

Payment Methods

For more information on our payment methods visit https://www.iiemsa.co.za/pay-fees/


First Semester (February), Second Semester (July), Summer Semester (November)

Winter School 2019 now available

Start in June 2019 and progress into your Undergraduate studies in February 2020.

Apply and enrol for the Foundation Programme Winter School 2019 and be on the fast track to success!

For more information fill in the inquiry form on this page or email us at enquiries@iiemsa.co.za

  • On-campus at South Africa: full-time
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What is a Foundation Programme?

Our foundation programme is a one- year programme usually taken by students who do not meet the qualifying entry requirements for a particular undergraduate programme. It is a one-year intensive programme that is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge needed for undergraduate studies.

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