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Study areas for Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences


Applications development and networks focuses on the development of IT-based systems to support organisations, with a particular emphasis on the use of network technologies. It aims to prepare students for careers in positions responsible for the development and implementation of software systems and the management and support of computer networks. Key topics covered in the study area include e-commerce, application software development, network management and database design.


This study area is ideal for future business analysts, IT managers and Chief Information Officers who want the expertise in specifying and developing effective business solutions, as well as managing large business systems. You will learn about computers, networks and databases and how they can be harnessed to understand, model and solve complex business problems, and make business more effective. The use of computers to aid the problem-solving process, as well as leadership techniques for developing and managing organisational systems are also explored.

You can choose subjects which will develop strong business skills, deepen your technical knowledge or a blend of both. We cover topics like information systems analysis and design, quantitative analysis, computer modelling of business decisions, electronic commerce systems, data mining and information systems management. Optional topics include studies in data structures, algorithms and software engineering.