A company’s reputation can make or break the business. A bad reputation can destroy a business, while a good public image can lead to success. Public Relations is about sending the right messages to customers, investors and other stakeholders to build a company’s reputation. Public Relations is important because it can help a business increase profits, sales and leads.

In an increasingly online world, Public Relations is particularly important because bad news spreads very far, very rapidly. It’s more important than ever to protect and manage a company’s reputation.

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Why study Public Relations?

Public Relations is about making human connections. It’s a great degree for people who are interested in the world of media, including social media. Through an exciting and rewarding career in Public Relations, you will have the opportunity to raise awareness of different companies and organisations, and help to build their reputation and credibility. Public Relations functions include media representation, crisis communication and content development.

An IIE Bachelor of Social Science degree will prepare you for many types of Public Relations careers including Public Relations specialist, Public Relations officer, social media manager, event coordinator, content manager, brand strategist, public information officer and relationship manager. You may find yourself working in a Public Relations or advertising agency, or with in a large corporate company, in their Marketing or Public Relations department.

Where to study Public Relations in South Africa

IIE MSA is a brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), a leader in the higher education sphere.

Public Relations is offered as a study area in the IIE Bachelor of Social Science degree, offered at IIE MSA.

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