Are you curious? Do you question the world around you and do you want to know more about topics that interest you? Journalism is an exciting career that rewards creative and enquiring minds. Journalism is more than just writing a story – journalists work hard to research, uncover and explore a range of topics from politics to business and sport, and everything in-between.

A degree in journalism will teach you how to gather information from various sources and craft it into a relevant and well-rounded news story.

Why study Journalism?

Imagine exposing corruption within government or exploring the hidden gang underworld. Imagine interviewing celebrities and sports stars or examining how a top business succeeded against the odds. A journalist helps us to hold a mirror up to the society we live in, providing us with the information we need to better understand our communities, our societies, and our government.

Journalism programmes cover not only the basics of reporting and writing news stories, they also delve into specialised areas like investigative journalism, sports journalism and business journalism.

By pursuing a career in journalism, you will open yourself up to many different career options, including a broadcast journalist, editorial assistant, magazine features editor, magazine journalist, web content manager or writer. Some journalism study areas also pursue careers in advertising, public relations and market research.

Where to study Journalism in South Africa

IIE MSA is a brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), a leader in the higher education sphere. Journalism is offered as a study area in a IIE Bachelor of Social Science degree offered at IIE MSA.

To find out more about pursuing Journalism at IIE MSA, call 011 950 4009 or email now.