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If your dream is to be an entrepreneur, economist or to start a career in marketing and management, the Business and Economics stream will be the stepping stone towards reaching your goal. You could progress into our Bachelor of Business Science degree and start working towards the career you’ve always wanted.

Health science professionals are in high demand in South Africa, Africa and abroad. This means that health sciences could be your global passport to an exciting career in health management, epidemiology or community health work. The Health Sciences pathway will start you on your journey into our Bachelor of Public Health degree.

Information technology impacts the world every day – in the way we communicate, conduct business, perform science and experience entertainment. Choosing the Information Technology stream means you will be on your way towards completing a Bachelor of Computing and Information Sciences degree. This will open doors into a variety of careers including software programmer, game developer, mobile app developer or multimedia architect

The Law stream will give you a broad knowledge base of the general rules of law in order to progress towards the IIE MSA BCom (Law) degree. You will be able to build a solid foundation for a career in business or law with your training beginning from day one.

If you are innovative, creative and keen to apply science and mathematics to develop new technologies, our Science stream is the perfect study choice for careers that are in high demand across the globe. This stream will lay the foundation for progress into IIE MSA’s Bachelor of Engineering degree.

Choosing to study social will pave the way towards our Bachelor of Social Science degree and open up career options that include journalist, criminologist, public relations specialist, psychologist, or environmentalist – the possibilities are endless. You will learn how to think critically and begin to understand how you can positively impact the world around you.