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Step by step guide for applying for matriculation exemption

Step 1:

Go on the USAF portal to do the pre-assessment in order to determine whether or not you are eligible for exemption towards degree studies in South Africa (Do only step 1):

Step 2:

Receive online eligibility outcome from USAF, if yes

Step 3:

Click on the below button and complete all required fields.  Please note that if not completed in full, the application cannot be processed
Application Form M30 (pdf) Online Application Form M30

Step 4:

Make non-refundable exemption fee to IIE MSA in an amount of R530.

Bank Account Details

Bank: ABSA Bank
Account number: 40-9623-8247
Amount: R530.00
Reference: YourStudentNumber_USAF (e.g. 27987665_USAF)

Step 5:

Submit the following documents with proof of payment to  kindly use your “student number”  in the subject line

Certified copies of:

  • Original educational qualifications, please note sworn translations into either English or Afrikaans must be provided if issued in another language.
  • Original official academic record reflecting the courses passed in different years.
  • Holders of American High School Diplomas must submit a letter issued by the Registrar of an accredited university in the United States of America to the effect that the holder is eligible for unconditional admission to degree studies at such a university or the applicable SAT results.
  • An identity document reflecting his/her date of birth, or of the applicant’s birth certificate.
  • A married woman must also submit a certified copy of her marriage certificate or divorce order.

For more information, please visit: