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Student Charter

The relationship between IIE MSA (the institution), its students and the Students Representative Council (SRC) is based on the principle of partnership – a relationship through which mutuality and interdependence in the learning process are emphasised and celebrated.

This has as its principal goal the development of confident, independent, work-ready professionals, fully capable of succeeding in their chosen vocations and as well-informed citizens.

The Charter seeks to emphasise this partnership and to sustain it through a set of shared commitments and expectations, set out below and embodied in the detailed policies, procedures and regulations of IIE MSA.

The institution will:

  • provide a stimulating learning environment.
  • give all students the right to be represented in student governance through the SRC.
  • provide access to academic and appropriate study support.
  • continuously seek to improve the quality of teaching, research and support services.
  • ensure appropriate and timely quality of teaching, research and support services.
  • ensure appropriate and timely feedback on all coursework.
  • assess and mark work fairly, consistent with clearly stated learning outcomes and objectives.
  • provide clear regulations, procedures, policies and information.
  • enhance personal development and employability skills and provide access to career skills development.
  • facilitate access to appropriate welfare, support and services.
  • foster an inclusive environment treating all with fairness, dignity and respect.
  • operate fair, accessible and timely processes for handling appeals, complaints and disciplinary matters.
  • encourage students to provide feedback on their institutional experience, and, where appropriate, act upon this.

Rights and responsibilities of students:

  • Share responsibility for the learning process, recognising the role of independence and self-motivation in academic studies.
  • engage fully with all learning activities, whether face-to face or online.
  • attend and contribute constructively to lectures, seminars and tutorials.
  • adhere to the standards of academic practice of the chosen course.
  • reflect critically on feedback to improve academic outcomes.
  • comply with institutional regulations and procedures.
  • make arrangements for prompt payment of all fees and charges.
  • be proactive in seeking appropriate advice and support in the event of academic or personal difficulty.
  • use opportunities to enhance personal development including extra-curricular choices and volunteering.
  • treat institutional staff, other students and external community with dignity and respect.
  • respect the institution and local physical environment.
  • support student representatives and participate in the processes to select them.
  • provide information requested by the institution and ensure that student information is current.
  • provide constructive feedback on the institutional experience.


The SRC will:

  • promote a sense of enjoyment in all aspects of campus life.
  • work in partnership with students and the institution in maintaining a culture that promotes a critical and independent learning environment.
  • work with students and the institution to ensure the financial support packages available are suitable and continue to meet the needs of students.
  • offer information, advice or representation to students.
  • provide opportunities for all students to get involved in any part of the SRC.
  • foster a caring inclusive environment for all students.
  • ensure the elected representatives, policies and actions of the SRC reflect students’ needs.
  • provide support, training and resources to students and their representatives so that they may contribute effectively to the evaluation and enhancement of the campus experience.
  • seek to ensure that SRC and the institution learn from the experiences of students.