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We Are Your Voice: Student Representative Council (SRC)

The SRC gives a voice to students – creating a dialogue between you and IIE MSA. We believe in ‘unity among diversity’ so our events and campaigns bring together a multicultural mix of students from all over the country and the globe. We express student views, campaign for student rights and spend our time volunteering – but we also like to get together just to have some fun.

There are 12 SRC representatives elected by the students. If you have any questions, have an idea for a social event (everyone loves a break from their busy and demanding academic life) or would like to get involved, feel free to get in touch.

You can visit us at the SRC Offices, Building F ground floor; or contact us


Our 2020 representatives

  • Lucien Mendela
    Mr. Lucien Mendela
    Position: President
    Degree: Bachelor of Social Science (Philosophy and Politics)
    Position description
    -The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the SRC and shall preside over all meetings of the SRC.
    -Is the chief spokesperson and representative of the SRC internally and externally.
    -Protect and promote the good image of the SRC at all times.
    -Monitor SRC activities and delegate duties where necessary.

  • Samuel Okwuagwu
    Mr. Samuel Okwuagwu
    Position: Vice President

    : Bachelor of Public Health
    Position description
    -To act as an advocate for the students and to deputise, as appropriate, for the SRC President.
    -To support the SRC President to promote and ensure effective student engagement and involvement in all aspects of campus life and to promote a holistic student experience.



  • Ms. Mwila Masongo
    Position: Executive Secretary

    : Bachelor of Social Science(Psychology and Child & Youth Care Development)
    Position description: Responsible for maintaining internal communication within the SRC, managing knowledge and institutional memory within the SRC, ensuring that SRC meetings, and any other consultations where the SRC desires record keeping, are properly recorded and updated.



  • Munirbibi Surve
    Ms. Munirbibi Surve
    Position: Treasurer
    Degree: Bachelor of Commerce in Law
    Position description: – Chief Financial Officer of the SRC
    – Responsible for ensuring that the financial resources of the SRC are used in a responsible manner
    – Compile financial reports

  • James Tumusiime
    Mr. James Tumusiime
    Position: Student Advocate
    Degree: Bachelor of Public Health
    Position description: -Advocate for student rights
    -Assist students with preparing for APCs and Student Disciplinary hearings
    -Health and Wellness, Safety and Security and Student rights.

  • Sisonke Tshisela
    Mr. Sisonke Tshisela
    Position: Academic Officer

    : Diploma in Business Operations and Entrepreneurship
    Position description
    -Assist students with any academic related issues.
    -Deal with academic related matters such as challenges relating to lecturers & tutors
    -Represent students in APC

  • Khaya Mntambo
    Ms. Khaya Mntambo
    Position: Sports Officer

    : Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology and Child & Youth Care Development)
    Position description: -Responsible for sport’s role is to ensure that student athletes are fairly and professionally represented on all levels of their respective sporting codes; to be the available link between IIE MSA club athletes and top management.
    -To listen to and also address the challenges encountered by our athletes.

  • Pam Johnson
    Ms. Pam Johnson
    Position: Cultural Officer

    : Bachelor of Social Science (Media and Communications & Marketing)
    Position description: -Facilitate the application and running of all Clubs and Societies
    -To ensure compliance to rules as set by SRC
    -Create initiatives that allows us to celebrate our diversity

  • Megan Welcome
    Ms. Megan Welcome
    Position: Media Liaison Officer

    : Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology and Journalism)
    Position description:
    – Responsible for the public relations of the SRC
    – Ensures that there is a clear communication process between the SRC and the student body

  • Thabang Mjokovana
    Mr. Thabang Mjokovana
    Position: Social Events Coordinator

    Degree: Bachelor of Social science (Politics and International relations)
    Position description: -Planning and organising of events for students on campus
    -Assist with creating student culture and vibe through the SRC run events

  • Belconia Sibanda
    Ms. Belconia Sibanda
    Position: International Officer
    : Bachelor of Social Science (Geography & Environmental studies And Child & Youth Care Development)
    Position description
    -Responsible to aid International students on issues relating to student permit applications and renewals as well as visa applications.
    -Advise and assist students with study abroad queries.

  • Debbie Mogale
    Ms. Debbie Mogale
    Position: Community Engagement Officer

    : Bachelor of Business Science. (Economics)
    Position description:
    -Facilitating community engagement clubs and societies
    -Ensures students get involved in community engagement activities
    -Creates a volunteering spirit