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Our Researchers

Kelly Olls

Teacher: Foundation Programme


Tel: +27 11 950 4324

  • BA in Marketing and Communications
  • Honours in Communication and Media Studies
Teaching Commitments
  • Teaching and Coordinating ‘Introduction to Media Studies’
  • Academic Research ZHC1032
  • Alumni Student from Monash South Africa.
  • Received two Deans awards for academic excellence in 2009 from Monash South Africa.
  • Received a Monash Arts award for academic excellence in 2009.
Research Interests

Currently I am completing an MPhil in Communication and Media. I am interested in understanding the representation of evil in television series.

Research reports

Together with Dr Julie Reid and a team of researchers at the Communication Science Department at UNISA, we submitted a research report on the press regulatory system in South Africa in December 2011 to the Press Freedom Commission. The title of the report is Submission to the Press Freedom Commission on Media self Regulation in South Africa 2011. After submitting the report we attended the Press Freedom Commission hearings in January 2012.

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