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Keith Jordaan

Senior Lecturer - Accounting Unit


Tel: +27 11 950 4148

Research Interests
  • Early academic-career research was conducted on the topic of the “Taxation implications of employment in South Africa” – this research culminated in the completion of a thesis for the partial fulfillment (and obtaining) of a masters degree in Taxation.
  • The prior fifteen years of academic leadership in the field of taxation involved an active role as study leader in various research projects conducted by students in the field of taxation. Some 215 students obtained their masters degree in taxation as a result of this leadership (these degrees were awarded by the University of Johannesburg and the North West University, with Keith Jordaan as the then subject head of taxation and study leader of these students).
  • Active research, since 1998, resulted in the annual publication of a leading academic textbook (Silke on South African Taxation), of which Prof Keith Jordaan was the founding and managing author (1999 to 2010).
  • Research on all topics related to South African and International taxation is continuously conducted, currently with the view of completing a doctorate in South African Taxation.
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