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Recognition of Prior Learning

The first step to be considered for the RPL process is the upfront, non-refundable payment of R1200.

The Indepenent Institute of Education Pty Ltd t/a IIE MSA.

Account name:IIE MSA
Bank: ABSA
Clearing code: 630305
Swift code: ABSAZAJJ
Account number: 40-9623-8247

(Please include your student number followed by RPL as reference: eg – 19776626_RPL)

Please send proof of payment to

The IIE MSA RPL Head receives the CV and any other relevant supporting documentation of the prospective candidate.

At this stage the RPL Head will evaluate and advise (through the Office of the Academic President) if the candidate meets the requirements to undertake the RPL process.

If the candidate is deemed eligible to undergo the RPL process the RPL Head will convene a meeting to which the eligible candidate must attend. At this meeting the RPL Head will advise on how candidates will prepare either a portfolio of evidence and / or present verbally to a relevant panel of academic staff members on a certain stipulated date before relevant course commencement.

Once this step of the process is complete the panel of relevant academic staff members will make a recommendation regarding whether or not the student may be admitted to the qualification being applied for. The prospective candidate will be informed of this decision ahead of course commencement date.